Corey Harrison of Pawn Stars fame was arrested last week for driving under the influence of alcohol in Las Vegas and his mug shot has now been released.

Pawn Stars season 22 concluded in June 2023 but the show has been garnering attention after its key cast member was arrested last week.

Corey “Big Boss” Harrison was booked for a DUI in the early hours of Friday (September 8, 2023). It came after authorities found he was unable to maintain his lane while driving, according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

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Pawn Stars’ Corey Harrison arrested for DUI – mugshot released

Harrison, 40, was pulled over by police not long after he returned to Nevada from a visit to Minnesota. Police state he was driving a Ford F250 pickup truck and at times, was swerving into the bike lane during his check on short-term rental properties he manages in his hometown.

The History Channel star allegedly smelled like alcohol when he was pulled over and questioned. Harrison defended that his truck sometimes pulls to the right.

After stepping out of his vehicle to take a field sobriety test, the Las Vegas native was asked to provide a breath or blood sample. Harrison opted for the former but the device was broken. He reportedly failed the field sobriety test and was brought to the police station, where the breathalyzer was yet again not working, so he allowed his blood to be drawn.

TMZ states the sample results were not provided in the police report, but Corey was booked for a DUI. He was released from custody eight hours later with his driver’s license and did not have his driving privileges suspended.

He admitted to the outlet to having an alcoholic drink on his flight seven hours before his arrest.

‘Going to fight back’

The star has since opened up over the incident, insisting he was going to fight back.

He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he plans to hire a attorney for his case. He claims a blood test was drawn but he wasn’t told the results by the cops. Corey added that he believes they knew who he was from TV.

He explained: “The officer said it was broken. But I’m like, amongst the four police officers that were here, there wasn’t one breathalyzer? 

The Pawn Stars cast member added: “After pulling me over suspecting I’ve been drinking? I would have definitely called for a vehicle with one.”

But he wanted to be clear he wasn’t going against the police. Adding:

“I’m not going to say, ‘Screw Metro!’ Drinking and driving should be legal!’

“I’m not trying to be that guy. But I’m the guy who, when I get punched in the face, I am going to fight back.”

Corey Harrison was arrested for battery over one decade ago

The DUI incident comes 12 years after Harrison was arrested in Southern California. This was over a physical altercation with a security guard.

The then-27-year-old was at Murray’s Saloon And Eatery in Big Bear Lake when he reportedly shoved a deputy and security guard, reports The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Harrison was booked into the Big Bear Lake jail for investigation of battery and resisting arrest after the incident. TMZ writes authorities were alerted by security as Harrison was involved in a verbal spat with another customer. The guard reportedly feared the situation would escalate.

San Bernardino County sheriff’s spokeswoman Arden Wiltshire says the TV star was held for a few hours to let him sober up and was released.

Corey maintained that he did not get physical with anyone and felt that he did nothing wrong during the verbal dispute. No formal charges were filed.

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