October 9, 2022 marks the one-year anniversary of the first kiss between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian on SNL. They’re no longer an item but Pete has been keeping busy with projects, including his recent advert for Call Of Duty.

In the blink of an eye, it has already been one year since Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s iconic SNL kiss as Aladdin and Jasmine. It was the start of a relationship no-one expected, even the reality star herself.

Kim detailed their carefree romance and his sweet nature on The Kardashians but, just months later, they called it quits in August. Despite their break-up, both parties have continued to work hard.

Kim became Dolce & Gabbana’s muse at Milan Fashion Week, while the comedian is one of many stars in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s new live-action advert.

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A year on from Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s kiss on SNL, Pete promises he’s not at ‘his mom’s place’

A year on from Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s first kiss on SNL, Pete promised he wasn’t at “his mom’s place” in the highly anticipated trailer for Call Of Duty.

Set to release on October 28, 2022, Modern Warfare 2 is a sequel to the 2019 reboot. And the popular video game has gathered the hottest music, sport and social media stars for its trailer.

Lil Baby kicks it off to rhythmic marching as he declares to his squad: “Modern Warfare is back again.” Fellow rapper Nicki Minaj takes over, giving a shout-out to her dedicated fanbase “Barbz” and dubbing them “superheroes no capes.”

Up next is NFL star Jalen Ramsey, who boosts team morale with a football chant. Then, Pete injects some humor as he jokingly chants: “I swear this ain’t my mommy’s place” as he sits in an apartment with friends.

The Meet Cute actor has joked about living in his mom’s basement for years. He claimed he moved out from the $1.3 million property in 2021 so we believe it “ain’t his mommy’s place.” Even though he still lived with his mom, Pete’s bachelor pad was fit for an actor with a net worth of $8 million. His room tour featured an extensive closet with a sneaker collection, massive TV and signed basketball jerseys.

And although he’s bought his own place now, Pete is never too far from his mom and sister. The former SNL comedian vowed he’d never leave Staten Island and his $1.2 million condo boasts the Manhattan skyline as its backdrop, The Sun reports.

Fans speculate Pete will remove ‘my girl is a lawyer’ tattoo

Despite romance blossoming after Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s SNL kiss, the couple reportedly split due to hectic schedules, while their 13-year age gap means they have different priorities, states Page Six.

Two months after their break-up went public, fans speculated the actor would remove his “my girl is a lawyer” ink. Kim flaunted the art in March, about three months into their romance. It was one of several tattoos Pete dedicated to his new girlfriend but Kim’s favorite was definitely the “lawyer” one.

However, loyal fans spotted a bandage on Pete’s left clavicle in a recent photo on the set of TV program Bupkis. A large white plaster fueled questions over whether he had started the removal process of his tat.

A source close to Davidson says that while he continues to remove his tattoos, that image is from set and not related to removing the lawyer tattoo.

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