Since Pete Davidson started dating the infamous Kim Kardashian he has been all over the news – for more reasons than one – with it usually being something to do with his girlfriend’s ex-husband, Kanye West. However, the latest news has nothing to do with the rapper.

This time around, fans want to know about his teeth as audiences remember the comedian’s teeth being a little different when he was on Saturday Night Live, with Pete boasting a gap between his front two that now seems to be closed.

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The Invisible Pilot | Official Trailer | HBO
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What happened to Pete’s tooth gap?

Pete’s teeth are the topic of discussion at the moment, but that isn’t really anything new as his teeth have been talked about before for other reasons, like when he wore a grill on SNL and when he began brushing his teeth in the middle of a Knicks game.

The comedian is also always smiling which automatically draws his smile to fan’s attention and they couldn’t help but notice his gap closing up over the years.

He has never fully admitted what exactly he has had done to his teeth, whether it be veneers, a whitening or tightening but he did mention in 2018 that he had “new teeth.

DENTTV think he has had something done to his “bottom row”

Again, Pete has been open about getting “new teeth” but what that means exactly hasn’t been explained. Many fans think it’s veneers and it very much could be.

Celebrity Dentistry and DENTTV have both said they think Pete has almost definitely gotten his lower row of teeth straightened, so it makes more sense that he would get veneers rather than just close up the gap.

Veneers are incredibly expensive, but with the comedian’s impressive fortune from his career as well as his major role on SNL, he could definitely afford them. Fans also agree that he has most likely had veneers.

Fans share their opinions on Davidson’s teeth

Fans have had no issues in taking their thoughts and opinions on Pete’s pearly whites to Twitter, with some tweets including:

Pete Davidson got new teeth and switched up on everybody


I miss Pete Davidson’s old teeth, deffo veneers!


Nah Pete’s teeth haven’t always been this sexy, I swear he has had veneers?



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