Chrisean Rock has shared an emotional pregnancy update on her Instagram, where she seemingly hints at a split with Blueface after she says he ‘doesn’t see a future’ with her.

The Baddiest West star and her partner Blueface have shared their fair share of drama throughout the course of their relationship, which started during the height of the pandemic.

We look at Chrisean Rock‘s ultrasound post and what she’s said about her pregnancy and relationship.

Chrisean Rock hints at Blueface split in emotional pregnancy post

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Taking to her Instagram, Chrisean shared a video of her 20-week ultrasound, in which Blueface was in attendance. However, her caption seems to have hinted at a split between the two.

The Vibe singer wrote in part of the caption: “It’s super overwhelming because this pregnancy was planned, but now he doesn’t see a future with me anymore we both done things to each other that we lost trust, so I was left with the option of aborting.

“I was surprised I’m that far along that it’s no turning back from being a mommy, I instantly fell in love when I saw the face and heard the heartbeat.”

She concluded: “I don’t need a dollar from anyone to be here for this child I’m blessed and highly favored, so that’s the only thing that matters [right now]. I can’t wait to show my journey through the ups n downs of this experience. Through it all, I’m going to win.”

In the caption, the star also confirmed she was filming for The Zeus Network, so fans are sure to see all the drama that went down in their relationship, as well as Chrisean’s pregnancy journey.

The star announced her pregnancy in January

The Baddies West star announced her pregnancy in January. However, fans have been skeptical since, after Chrisean Rock abortion rumors swirled the internet, but in her latest post she has cleared it up and spoke about the various options she considered in the early stages of her pregnancy.

Confusion struck when Rock posted a promotional Instagram video of the two a few days ago, seemingly ‘without her baby bump.’

Many fans came to the comment to doubt her pregnancy, however as it was cleared up by many fans in the comments, it was an old video which can be seen by her hairstyle and Chrisean Rock’s missing tooth, which she has now fixed.

Fans rush to Chrisean’s side in latest post

After her emotional post, fans rushed to Chrisean’s side to support her during the difficult time she’s had with her pregnancy, as they react to the hint she and Blueface may have split.

One wrote: “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS GIRL FINALLY YOUR DOING YOUR WORTH. I’m so happy for her. This baby is going to change her life for the better.”

Another said: “This baby gonna change her life for the better. You already won!”

Black Ink Crew star Charmaine Bey said: “This is the best thing that could ever happen for you and you won’t truly understand until u are looking at your baby! Proud of you.”

“This for all the people that said it was fake,” wrote another.

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