Reign Disick appears all grown up as he makes a return in a hilarious sketch with sister Penelope and mum Kourtney Kardashia, recreating a scene of ‘The Kardasims’ in a betrayal over an orange soda. The eight-year-old makes a surprising reveal by turning into his auntie Khloé while wearing a wig.

Reign Disick, the youngest of the Disick-Kardashian tribute, joined his sister Penelope and mum Kourtney to recreate a scene from a popular Kardashian parody sketch where the Kardashian sisters are turned into Sims.

In the different episodes of the fan-made sketch, The Kardashians stars get into silly disagreements. They later take their frustrations to a confessional as a dramatic song plays in the background. It’s a perfect take on the true reality show on TV.

It seems the Kardashian-Jenner household also finds it funny since Kourtney has recreated one of the funniest and most viral scenes with her two children.

Reign Disick on TikTok, think about it. Maybe cousin North will be joined in social media royalty.

Reign Disick mocks auntie Khloé in a wig in funny KardaSIMS episode

On December 20, Kourtney went to her conjoint TikTok account with Penelope to share a funny yet adorable recreation of the infamous “You should get the orange soda” parody sketch. In the short video, Reign Disick makes a surprising appearance and even wears a wig.

In the 16-second video, the three recreate the scene where a version of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé appear as Sims from the famous EA game. They are sitting in a restaurant and debating on whether to get a strawberry or an orange soda.

As the three initially agree on the orange soda, Kourtney (interpreted by Penelope) goes against her two sisters and asks for the strawberry soda instead. Reign then pretends to be aunt Khloé and echoes the same. Kim in the sketch is furious over the minor decision and pretends it’s a huge ordeal.

The eight-year-old goes beyond his character by wearing a blonde wig to recreate his auntie Koko’s look.

Watch the OG video below:

Reign Disick recently turned eight with birthday twin, Mason

Born on December 14, Birthday-date twins Mason and Reign share the same birthday. The oldest and the youngest of the tribute are exactly five years apart but celebrate the same day. Both celebrated their conjoint birthday party last Wednesday in West Hollywood.

All members of the family, including dad Scott Disick were in attendance at the popular Bar Mitzvah. Surprisingly, the Lemme founder attended the birthday bash without her husband, Travis Barker.

Although the children of Kourtney and Scott are not as exposed on social media that often, Kardashian fans have still been able to follow their growth little by little in several spontaneous photos or videos on TikTok.

Fans couldn’t contain their emotions and excitement, leaving comments about how much they’ve grown over the past few years.


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