Sad tales of Storage Wars: From Mark Balelo's death to Barry Weiss' accident

Sad tales of Storage Wars: From Mark Balelo's death to Barry Weiss' accident

We all love Storage Wars for its wholesome, heartwarming and entertaining content, but it isn’t always storage unit and sunshine on the A&E network as many of our most beloved members have been involved in some scary and tragic incidents.

Reality Titbit has the top three most scary and intense moments of the show, from Mark Balelo’s awful death to Barry Weiss’ motorcycle accident. Check it out.

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Mathis Family Matters | Official Trailer | E!

Mathis Family Matters | Official Trailer | E!

Mark Balelo

Mark was one of the most beloved cast members of the storage hunting show and was frequently featured during the programme with him being the highlight of the seasons from 2011 to 2013.

He was most known for his flashy lifestyle and loved to show off his fortune in whatever way he could, so much so that Brandi nicknamed him “Rico Suave.”

It came as a huge shock in 2013 when news started circulating that Mark had tragically passed away. According to TMZ the reality star was found on February 12, 2013, deceased in his car in his garage back home in Simi Valley.

On the same day, ABC News confirmed that the Venture County Medical Examination Office ruled the death as a suicide. We don’t know why he did this, but we do know that he was facing legal struggles at the time.

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Barry Weiss

Another scary incident occurred with Barry Weiss. Four years after leaving the show, Barry was involved in a serious motorcycle accident with his friend Jamie in April. TMZ reported that a car pulled out of a parking space and Barry and his friend crashed straight into it.

The Storage Wars star was left with serious injuries to his chest, back and legs and had multiple broken bones. He ended up having to stay in the Intensive Care Unit for weeks while he underwent surgeries on his back and femur.

He was very lucky to survive and it is reported that he had to spend months in recovery so that he could walk again. He is all better now and returned to Storage Wars for season 14.

Laura and Dan Dotson

Laura and Dan were a popular duo on Storage Wars but they too went through a pretty tough time. On June 16 2014, Dan was rushed into hospital after suffering a double aneurysm.

Dan physically collapsed and his wife, Laura, had to perform CPR on him with her 16-year-old son as they awaited the ambulance. The aneurysm had occurred behind his eyes and neck and was apparently the size of an apricot.

However, thanks to Laura’s amazing work when it came to CPR, Dan was able to make it to the hospital in time for his life-changing surgery. He is all recovered now but the drama doesn’t end there, in 2020, the parents received an awful phone call saying that their son, Garrett, had been shot.

He was visiting a girl in Arizona at the time when he was involved in a drive-by shooting. He was shot in the abdomen and due to the seriousness of the injury, was taken to the trauma unit in Las Vegas immediately.

He managed to recover fully after what laura called “an incredible surgery”.



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