You’ve probably seen the infamous fruit platters in the past 24 hours more than you’ve seen your own left arm, and you’re not alone. On Monday, reality star Kylie Jenner posted a food pic of a fruit salad including a napkin that read “KylieAir” which she showcased on her Instagram story.

Just a few hours later we saw an identical picture of the same platter on Minal Khan’s Instagram, now fans are wondering what is going on and why are these fruit platters getting so much clout?

The Territory | Official Trailer | National Geographic

The Territory | Official Trailer | National Geographic

Fans are labelling Minal Khan a ‘copycat’

It appears that Khan was trying to hop on a Kylie trend with the fruit, but we all know by now it’s important to give credit where credit is due, but Khan didn’t seem to get this memo.

It’s perfectly fine to hop on a trend or take inspiration from someone – especially if it’s Miss Jenner, we all do it! But many fans have taken to Twitter with some hilarious comments and memes about the ‘copycat”. One person said:

Does Minal Khan really think none of us follows or know who Kylie Jenner is?!


Another person hilariously tweeted:

When me and my friend copy each other’s assignments.


After seeing all the memes and reactions, all we can say is that this fruit platter got a lot of attention.

Khan got involved with the jokes

It seems Minal can definitely take a joke better than most of us. She appeared to join in on her Instagram story and became a participant in the jokes people were cracking online.

The meme was about people who screenshot other people’s Instagram stories to put it up on their WhatsApp statuses, and she wrote, “So true. [It’s] soul satisfaction,” while laughing.

The picture proves she was guilty of taking Kylie’s picture but it also proves that she doesn’t really see it as a big deal.

Despite her openness, fans still didn’t know whether to “laugh or be appalled by the audacity.”

What is it with the Kardashians and fruit and veg?

This isn’t the first viral fruit/veg post from one of the Kardashian sisters as it wasn’t long ago that Kendal made meme history with her awkward way of cutting a cucumber. 

Kylie’s TikTok raked in 2.6M likes and over 14K comments in less than 24 hours. Many commenters wrote that they found it hilarious that Kylie had captioned the video: “me and cucumber girl“.

Kendall has earned herself the nickname of “cucumber girl” because of the way The Kardashians viewers caught her cutting a cucumber at home.

During the Hulu show, Kendall asked the camera crew not to zoom in on her as she’s “not a good cutter“.

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