Savannah Chrisley has opened up on various sensitive topics on the latest episode of her Unlocked Podcast, including her and her dad Todd’s therapy journey and her suicide attempt.

The episode, titled “The Most Vulnerable I’ve Ever Been” sees the 25-year-old in the interview seat, as she sits down with mental health and addiction awareness advocate, Patrick Custer. The episode comes weeks after Savannah gave a full ‘Chrisley Life Update’, four months after her parents Julie and Todd Chrisley, began their prison sentences.

We take a look at Savannah Chrisley‘s latest episode of her Unlocked podcast.

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Savannah Chrisley opens up about her and Todd’s therapy

All Chrisley Knows Best fans know Todd for his humorous personality, however, his daughter revealed that his ability to approach a situation with humor has been taken advantage of, to a point where he always had to be funny on screen.

Behind the scenes, Todd was actually in ‘a lot’ of therapy in the years leading up to his reporting to prison, due to a lot of things going on in their life, trauma, and just his own mental health, according to Savannah.

She also said he’s used humor to cope with a lot of things he’s been through in life, even throughout his childhood.

The two have always had a very close father-daughter bond, as Savannah revealed that her dad understood parts of her that “no one else had the capabilities of understanding.”

“I’d say it to everyone, I don’t know if I’d be here today if it wasn’t for him, he literally saved me in every single aspect.”

Savannah also opened up about her own therapy journey, as she and Todd had both started going to therapy within the same time frame.

She revealed how the two were ‘co-dependant’ on each other which is something they worked through with their separate therapists.

Speaking on their relationship, the Growing Up Chrisley star said they realized that “as healthy as this is, it’s also really unhealthy.”

“You can be so close to someone, that it becomes unhealthy, and that’s what we had to realize. There was a level of trauma bonding between him and me, there was a multitude of things that had happened, and he accepted it very very well.”

The 25-year-old opens up about her suicide attempt

In part of the podcast, Savannah opened up about her suicide attempt, which she has spoken about previously on an earlier podcast episode where she talked to Dr. Daniel Amen.

In the most recent podcast, the reality star said she suffers from “high functional depression.”

Speaking on her suicide attempt, Savannah called it a “cry for help” which happened when she was 15/16, which was just before they had started filming, although she can’t be sure as the exact time was a “blur.”

The star has previously said Dad Todd ‘saved’ her as he invested so much time and energy into her, and letting her know she wasn’t alone, no matter how ‘lonely’ she felt.

Savannah reveals the happiest moments of her life

To round the podcast off Patrick asked Savannah what the three happiest moments of her life were, one of which she said although it may sound “crazy”, when her mom, Julie Chrisley, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The star went on to explain: “In that moment I was able to see the depths of the love that my dad had for my mom. I never knew how deep it was until that moment.”

She continued: “As sad as the moment was when she was diagnosed with cancer, it was also the most beautiful moment.”

Savannah then went on to tell the story of when she last took her dad away for his birthday, which she said was the last time she felt that level of happiness.

If you are affected by any issues raised in the article or would like someone to speak to, please call the Samaritans for free on 116 123. You can also email them at [email protected] or visit to find your nearest branch in the UK. In the US, please visit Samaritans USA for more information.

You can also contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text 741741 to get in touch with the Crisis Text Line. Americans can now call or text 988 to reach out and speak to a counsellor.

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