As Savannah Chrisley deals with the fallout from her parent’s incarceration, she has seemingly found the time to date. But who is her current boyfriend? Let’s explore her dating history.

Savannah Chrisley recently appeared on a recent episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcast and revealed she has a dating life.

The news came after she took custody of her younger brother Grayson Chrisley and Chloe Chrisley after her parents Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley began their prison sentences for tax evasion and fraud.

Despite taking on the role of mother to her siblings, Savannah has seemingly found time to hit the dating scene. Fans of the family’s popular reality soap Chrisley Knows Best will know Savannah’s dating history.

But those of you who haven’t seen the show might not know who Savannah Chrisley has dated. So let’s look at Savannah’s dating history and see if she’s revealed who she is currently dating.

Does Savannah Chrisley have a boyfriend?

Savannah Chrisley And Nic Kerdiles Celebrate Their Engagement
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The short answer to that is Yes! Chrisley recently appeared on an episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine podcast where she revealed that she has a dating life.

She even revealed she may even be seeing someone exclusively. But, the reality star did not reveal the lucky guy’s name, as she said she wanted to keep it under wraps for the time being. However, Savannah revealed Chole and Grayson have met her new boyfriend.

For fans of Chrisley that are eager to know who the mystery man is, the good news is you might not have to wait long. As apparently Savannah Chrisley’s new boyfriend will appear on the new show Chrisley has pitched.

During the podcast, Savannah revealed when she is asked out now, her response is that she is a “package deal”. She said if she is asked “you want to go for dinner?” her response is now “these two are coming along with.”

She revealed she now dates with two people in mind, referencing her brother and sister, who she is now the legal guardian of. But Savannah Chrisley later admitted it was difficult to date while she is now raising her siblings, after her parents were sent to jail for a combined 19 years.

Are Savannah and Nic still together?

Savannah’s longest and most well-known relationship to date has to be her time with hockey player Nic Kerdiles.

The young loved-up couple first took their relationship public in January 2018 after Savannah made the first move on Instagram.

The couple was on again and off again throughout their three-year relationship, which saw them go through a lot of ups and downs. Before going their separate ways for the last time in June 2020, the pair were engaged in April 2019.

However, Savannah and Nic Kerdiles called off the engagement a year later but still continued to date until June 2020 when they split for the final time.

Fans of the on-again-and-off-again couple will be disappointed, as Savannah has recently revealed she may be in an exclusive relationship.

Savannah Chrisley is scared of divorce after her engagement, but it appears she’s now back on the horse.

Who has Savannah Chrisley dated?

Savannah Chrisley’s dating history has included a number of famous faces including athletes, NBA players, country singers, and reality TV show stars.

Chrisley’s first public relationship was with country music singer Blaire Hanks in 2015. Hanks was the first of her boyfriends to appear on her family’s show. The pair dated for two years, calling it quits in 2017.

Savannah Chrisley then dated an NBA player Luke Kennard. The couple met after Kennard saw Chrisley while she was having a family dinner, and he then slid into her DM’s. The romance was brief, only lasting four months, with the couple splitting in June 2017 after Kennard was drafted into the NBA.

Next up on Chrisley’s dating history is everyone’s favorite Bachelor, Colton Underwood. Chrisley got to experience something every woman who is a fan of The Bachelor dreamed of, and that is dating Mr Underwood. They only dated casually for a short period of time in 2017.

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