Savannah Chrisley is back with another episode of her Unlocked Podcast, and this time, she’s joined by comedian Bob Menery, as she opens up about her parents’ prison sentence.

The Chrisley Knows Best star doesn’t shy away from openly speaking about her parents, Julie and Todd Chrisley‘s prison sentences, as she previously revealed they weren’t allowed to speak to each other at all as they serve time in their separate facilities.

We take a look at what Savannah Chrisley had to say in the latest episode of her Unlocked Podcast.

Savannah Chrisley says her parents’ prison sentence is ‘insane’

In part of the podcast, comedian Bob Menery asks Savannah Chrisley how she’s feeling with everything going on in ‘her situation’, to which Savannah replies: “You just get through it.”

“It sucks, and politics involved and everything else. I mean, you see murderers out here getting maybe 10 years if you’re lucky.

And then you get 12 years for an alleged financial crime, it’s insane to me, absolutely insane,” the 25-year-old continued.

However, the star then went on to say that “it is what it is,” and she’s not the type of person to sit and sulk about it, as she “works and figures it out.”

She then exclaimed: “If people are trying to exploit your situation, you might as well exploit it yourself.”

“That’s my whole viewpoint, if you’re going to make money, I’m going to make money,” the star continued.

Savannah and Bob had a conversation about how more doors open during these difficult times, as The Chrisleys teased a new show earlier this month.

Todd and Julie are serving 19 years combined

Todd and Julie Chrisley are on month four of their prison sentencing, which began in January. The pair are serving 19 years combined, as Todd was sentenced to 12, with Julie sentenced to seven.

Children Savannah and Chase Chrisley have previously opened up about visiting their parents, although Todd is serving time in Florida, which is much further away from the family as Julie serves time in Kentucky.

Previously, sources claimed the couple’s marriage was strained as they served time in separate prisons, however, Savannah shut down ‘nasty rumors’ on her Instagram.

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Savannah shares a funny story with her ex

In a more lighthearted conversation, the 25-year-old recently took to her Instagram stories to hilariously confess to her followers that she still uses her ex’s Kroger points when filling up her car with gas.

However, it seemed like some followers didn’t see the funny side, as she took to her story to clear things up.

Speaking directly to her 2.7 million followers after the ordeal Savannah said: “I still use his Kroger number because I never got my own Kroger card, so really the points belong to me because I spent the money to get the points.”

She also said it was now a ‘running joke’ between the two.

Although the star didn’t specify which ex she was talking about, she recently revealed on her podcast that she was now cordial with her ex-fiance Nic Kerdiles, as well as confirming she recently dated country singer Nate Smith.

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