Savannah Chrisley has taken to her Instagram to share a poem in tribute to her parents Todd and Chrisley as they serve a combined 19-year sentence in prison.

The Growing Up Chrisley Star regularly opens up about her parents Todd and Julie and their time in prison on her podcast, however, recently revealed that she wasn’t going to do so as much as she doesn’t want to share information that they’re not comfortable with her sharing.

We take a look at Savannah Chrisley‘s tribute, shared a day before Mother’s Day.

Savannah Chrisley shares emotional poem

Taking to her Instagram story, Savannah Chrisley shared a tribute to her parents amid their jail sentences, on her Instagram story, in the form of a poem on a ‘wooden plaque.’

The poem started: “My parents kept a garden, a garden of the heart. They planted all the good things that gave my life its start.”

A few lines down, it continued: “And then one day it happened, a big storm came our way, and in the terrible downpour, it swept my parents away. The damage was horrific, the garden was a mess, and as I walked the remnants there as only pain and stress.”

Another line read: “And in the center of the garden, there were two babies needing care, it all felt so defeating, it all felt so unfair.”

“And I know this is only for a season, and soon they will return to see, that the garden is still growing and the storm didn’t come to stay. Our best days are still before us, and our love will find a way,” the poem concluded.

The plaque appeared to be a gift as the star wrote: “Thank God for amazing people in my life.”

The tribute comes on Mother’s Day, which is Julie’s first in prison. Earlier this week, Savannah posted a moving message from Chloe Chrisley, who said she’s “sad” as her “mom won’t be here on Mother’s Day.”

The Chrisleys are gearing up for their new show

We’ve now had confirmation from Savannah and Chase Chrisley that the family has a new show in the works, and to fans’ delight, will include favorite, Nanny Faye.

Although we’ve been given a few sneak peeks of the family filming via Instagram, they still haven’t given too much away about the premise, and when it’ll land on our screens.

However, Chase did reveal on a podcast that he’s spoken to his mom and dad about the show and Todd Chrisley has ‘given input’ on the new series.

Rampage x Savannah Chrisley Personal Appearance
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Savannah shares an update on her dating life

The 25-year-old’s Podcast is called Unlocked for a reason, as she’s not afraid to open up her listeners. On the most recent episode, Savannah confirmed she was previously dating country singer Nate Smith, however, went on to reveal it was the ‘right person, terrible timing.’

Since gaining custody of Chloe and Grayson Chrisley, the star has revealed it’s harder for her to date. Savannah gained custody of the two as her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to prison.

Although it seems like the star isn’t completely out of the dating world, as she said although she isn’t ‘exclusively dating’ anyone, she’s still speaking to people and going on dates where she can.

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