Savannah Chrisley rose to fame as a cast member on Chrisley Knows Best but now the reality star has turned her hand to podcasting. The Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley host shared some hilarious outtakes with her fans in 2023 where she let slip about her “cherry.”

After Todd and Julie Chrisley had success with their Chrisley Confessions podcast, their daughter, Savannah launched her very own and she takes to the airwaves each week.

The Chrisleys didn’t stop there with their podcasts, either, as Lindsie and Chase Chrisley also have their own shows.

Savannah’s latest blunder as a host had her laughing that things had “gone south” as she sat down with Erin Dugan.

Savannah Chrisley speaks into microphone wearing black high neck top at Rampage x Savannah Chrisley Personal Appearance
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Savannah Chrisley shares her ‘cherry’ outtake

During Savannah Chrisley‘s Unlocked podcast, she often plugs different brands including Hint water.

Savannah posted an outtake clip to her Instagram page on May 11 which saw her promoting the brand.

She began: “Watermelon hint, for example, tastes like watermelon…” before things headed south.

Savannah cracks up at her ‘cherry’ blunder

After explaining the watermelon flavor Hint water, Savannah added: “Just like my cherry tastes like cherry.”

Erin Dugan, who was sitting opposite Savannah, looked totally shocked and the two burst into laughter.

Erin was open-mouthed before adding: “That’s good though, that’s good, we want that to be the case, I think.”

Savannah then added that people need to get their “minds out the gutter,” as she laughed.

The Chrisley star had fans ‘screaming’

It wasn’t just Savannah and Erin who were crying of laughter from her slip-up.

Many of her followers took to the Instagram comments section to say that they were “screaming.”

Another added: “Erin your face when she said that was everything hahaha.”

Some simply commented: “Unwell,” and more wrote: “Dude, I just snorted.”

Many commented that they couldn’t stop watching and more said that they were “on the floor.”

Erin also wrote on the post: “Well, that went south REAL quick. #OuttakeIsAnUnderstatement Love yall @hint — if you want to send us more product, you know what flavor to send…”

Some more followers wrote on Savannah’s video post that they loved seeing the two ladies laughing.

Another said, given her family situation, that the podcast host may have needed a laugh: “Savannah probably needed that laugh. Bless Her Heart.”

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