Savannah Chrisley got filler and Botox in the latest Chrisleys news update. She revealed that her skin has a lot of damage from the sun and therefore she wants to “get rid of all the lines.” Let’s look at her plastic surgery.

Her father Todd and Chrisley Knows Best co-star has always been open about his love of plastic surgery. He’s even had appointments held at his very own home during episodes of The USA Network show.

Savannah is following in his footsteps and claimed she “loves” Botox on her Instagram Story. She offered to take her followers along with her on the journey for a plastic surgery upgrade.

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Savannah Chrisley gets Botox

Savannah Chrisley got filler and Botox on March 2, 2023. She took to her Instagram Story to reveal she was currently at FG Plastic Surgery, which is run by double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ramirez Gavidia.

She scrunched up her face to show creases at the top of her nose while telling her followers:

I’m getting Botox, getting rid of all the lines. It’s my preference, it’s what I love, and I’m going to get a little filler. I’m taking you along for the journey.

Following in her father Todd‘s footsteps, she has taken the plastic surgery route and previously admitted to surgically changing the appearance of her nose. However, this is the first time she’s confirmed getting Botox or fillers.

She talked about filler and skin damage

FG Surgery took photos of Savannah’s skin, which led to a shocking discovery. She said, “Let’s just say I have some skin damage, like sun damage. I’m mindblown at the amount of education I just received about my skin and aging.”

Despite how open she’s been, there has been lots of speculation about how much her face appears to have changed over the last 10 years. It is a totally different scenario for her father, who has been very open about his surgery.

Savannah had filler injected into her face at the Nashville-based clinic. She gave a Chrisleys news update when she showed off her new filler and Botox while dancing with her niece, Chloe Chrisley, of who she currently has custody.

Chrisley Knows Best star before surgery

Savannah before plastic surgery doesn’t look that different. She revealed in 2018 that she underwent a nose job. Earlier that year, she wrote: “Before the comments come flowing in. No, I haven’t gotten a ton of work done!

“I’m not changing my face! This chick just loves her food right now.”

Overall, it’s mainly Savannah’s nose that has changed, as well as how full her face looks. Older pictures show a pointier chin on the reality star. Her dad Todd has also admitted to getting Botox and Halo laser treatment.

Todd gets Botox every six months, which includes his regular top-up of wrinkle-reducing injections. He has been seen getting injected into the top of his nose, where his eyebrows meet below the forehead.

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