Savannah Chrisley is vulnerably sharing details of her fertility journey as she hopes to inspire others with her experiences.

In a recent podcast, Savannah Chrisley spoke to Kaitlyn Bristowe about freezing her eggs. Chrisley hilariously shared that the fear of commitment and marriage scares her “more than having a child.”

Let’s take a look at Savannah’s most recent podcast. As she shares all about her ongoing struggle with endometriosis and why she’s decided to freeze her eggs.

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Savannah Chrisley wants to freeze her eggs

Savannah revealed on the podcast that she gets scared because her “friend froze her eggs and got pregnant right after.” However, she then concluded that she really “should freeze her eggs.”

The Chrisley Knows Best star shared that she would like to get her eggs frozen especially because she has endometriosis. This is a condition where tissue like the womb lining grows in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

The condition can massively affect fertility. Endometriosis can cause certain types of ovarian cysts which can damage the eggs inside of the ovary. The inflammation that endometriosis causes can also negatively impact fertility in general.

Savannah would be ‘devastated’ if she couldn’t be a mom

The 25-year-old has been wanting to freeze her eggs ever since her diagnosis. However, Chrisley does acknowledge that it is expensive to have the retrieval procedure, and she is “grateful” that she can afford it.

Chrisley confessed in an interview: “I have been blessed with such an amazing career and the financial means to freeze my eggs. For me, I’ve always said, ‘God meant me to be a mother.’ I know I would be devastated if that couldn’t happen for me.”

Many fans believe that now Savannah Chrisley is dating, she is thinking more about motherhood.

Chrisley speaks to Lance Bass about becoming a parent

Chrisley undergoes procedures for Botox and filler and in her most recent podcast episode, Savannah said she’d go through another procedure. That is egg-freezing.

Savannah spoke about her hopes of becoming a mother one day, as she speaks to NSYNC’s Lance Bass; who explains he “would love to have an orphanage.”

Savannah revealed that she wants to go through the process of freezing her egg as “it’s like an insurance policy.” However, many doctors recommend against thinking of the retrieval as an “insurance policy.”

That’s because the success of the egg-freezing procedure is reliant on several things. Including the number of eggs that you freeze and the age at which you freeze them.

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