Scott Disick has made his return to The Kardashians season 3, and of course, his return wasn’t a boring one as fans have been hailing him as the star of the season already. Fans have been calling for him to have his own show after his iconic one-liner about Khloe’s mansion.

Just eight months after the release of season 2, fans have been graced with season 3 of The Kardashians and the first episode did not disappoint as we were sent on a rollercoaster of emotions. From Khloe’s surrogacy experience to the aftermath of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce, there was a lot to unpack.

Despite all this, we can always count on The Lord to lighten the mood. We take a look at Scott Disick‘s iconic onscreen return and what fans have been saying about his return.

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Scott Disick is back with a bang

Scott is back with a bang (or a knock shall we say). The Lord makes his return as he enters Khloe Kardashian‘s house, in the first episode, although it proves a little more difficult than he first thought.

The star stands knocking at the door confused asking “What goes on here?” as the mansion doesn’t have a doorbell or even a door knob.

Fortunately, security was on hand to help Scott Disick who joked: “I’ve still got a door knob, does that mean I’m poor?”

The jokes didn’t stop there as when he was reunited with sisters Kim and Khloe, The Lord informed them that they’d “gotten so little.”

He then questioned, “Break up diets?”

The Lord joins an emotional conversation

Aside from the jokes, it seems like Scott still has a close bond with his ex Kourtney Kardashian‘s sisters as he joined them for an emotional chat about surrogacy.

Khloe explained how she had a really hard time accepting the surrogacy process. Tatum was Khloe’s first experience with surrogacy, as Kim had both Chicago and Psalm via surrogacy.

Although, it wouldn’t be Scott if he didn’t make a joke as he exclaimed: “I’ve got so many good jokes,” as Kim was explaining about someone being ‘inside you.’ Although this time, he held them in.

The 39-year-old was on hand to give some brotherly advice as he told Koko it’ll “take a minute” to feel more connected to her son Tatum.

Fans are loving Scott Disick’s season 3 return

The sisters were back tweeting about the show, and of course, so were the viewers, who were loving the iconic one-liners which have gained Disick love from fans since day one.

One wrote: “I hope Scott’s getting paid FAT for saving this show! We all begged for this!”

Another penned: “The main attraction is back! He truly makes the show worth watching.”

Others were calling for The Lord to have his own spin off: “Scott is the whole show! Give that man his own show!”

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