Ahead of his new reality show, The Family Stallone, Sylvester has shared his opinion on the reality TV experts, none other than The Kardashians.

There’s no arguing that celebrity family shows make great TV, such as The Osbournes and The Kardashians, to name a few. Now there’s a new reality family in town as the Rocky star, his wife, and his three daughters take the small screen.

We take a look at what Sylvester Stallone had to say about Kris Jenner and the family’s rise to stardom.

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Sylvester Stallone talks The Kardashians

Of course, starting a reality show of his own, it would be rude if he wasn’t asked about his opinions on Kim Kardashian and the rest of the family, and how his show The Family Stallone compares.

“I think the Kardashians were brilliant in what they did and very original, we’re taking a different tack,” the star told Reuters.

“They’ve done it so right. And it works for them and there would be no point copying them,” his daughter Sistine added to Entertainment Tonight.

Sylvester added that they’re focused on being authentic, “Because that’s what we are.”

Kris has met the family

Ever wondered if the two worlds have collided? Well, in fact, they have. Kris Jenner actually bumped into the Stallone family in 2012 in Paris.

The momager posed for a photo with Sylvester’s wife Jennifer Flavin as she attended The Expendables 2 premiere in the capital of France.

We have our fingers crossed for a Kardashian Stallone crossover heading to our screens someday!

Fans will see Sylvester like ‘they’ve never seen him before’

One of the world’s biggest stars, fans are used to seeing Sylvester in hit films such as Rocky, however, now fans are set to see him as a family man.

The family say the show is more of a ‘docuseries’ than a reality series, as Jennifer told ET that nothing is staged.

“I didn’t want it to be set up. I didn’t want it to be, ‘Oh, we all get drunk and we all throw fits and we’re screaming at each other, I wanted to show people real-life things that happen.”

The show premiers on Paramount Plus on May 17, with the first two episodes dropping on release day.

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