Taylor Lautner's fiancée reignites Edward v Jacob debate in best way
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Taylor Lautner's fiancée reignites Edward v Jacob debate in best way

Taylor Lautner’s fiancée, Taylor Dome, has hopped onto a TikTok trend to admit that her childhood crush was Robert Pattinson – oh, the irony!

The age-old question has resurfaced once again: are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

As a personal advocate for Jacob Black, I didn’t understand why Bella would choose Edward given that her life was always in danger thanks to the countless vampires ready to devour her – guess she just liked the bad boys.

Jacob, on the other hand, was always warm and ready for a cuddle.

It’s been 10 years since Breaking Dawn: Part 2 released, but the now 20-something-year-olds never actually settled the Twilight debate. Thankfully, Taylor Lautner’s fiancée has brought it back with the childhood crush TikTok challenge and it’s the best version yet.

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Taylor Lautner’s fiancée was Team Edward

If you’ve ever switched teams, it’s ok, because the future Mrs. Lautner has done it too.

24-year-old Taylor (yes, her name is also Taylor) participated in the viral childhood crush challenge where users show a photo of their childhood crush, and then an image of the person they’re dating now.

Ironically, the nurse was obsessed with Robert Pattinson in her teen years, but now she’s engaged to his former on-screen frenemy, Lautner. We’re just waiting for Pattinson to rub it in his face.

The video has gone viral with 21 million views and 19.9K comments with the spicy debate.

Taylor and Taylor are getting hitched

Hearts across the globe were crushed when the 30-year-old actor announced his engagement on 13 November 2021. Proposing in their kitchen filled with candles and roses, he made it hard for his girlfriend of four years to reject.

They reportedly met through Lautner’s younger sister, Makena, who had been friends with Dome for years. The pair were spotted together at a wedding ceremony in September 2018 and confirmed their relationship during Halloween, as per The Sun.

The couple has since flaunted their adorable relationship with couple selfies and they’ve already built a family of four with dogs Remi and Lily.

Lautner already knows that Dome was an Edward fan but admitted that “she’s made up for it” and is “allowing her to make that mistake.”

“It’s in her past. So, she’s good now. But she was not Team Jacob, unfortunately. Still love her!” he told Kelly Clarkson.

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