Taylor Swift left a Blank Space on the 2022 Grammys red carpet
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Taylor Swift left a Blank Space on the 2022 Grammys red carpet

Taylor Swift left hopeful fans disappointed after her Grammys 2022 outfit didn’t make its grand entrance. In fact, she left a completely Blank Space on the red carpet by not turning up at all, and here’s why.

The Wildest Dreams singer has always been a busy bee since becoming a big chart topper. Having dominated headlines for years, one of her big tunes was Love Story released in 2009, and the rest is pretty much history.

So when she didn’t arrive to strut her stuff as usual at the Grammys, we were seriously confused. Where was Tay and what was so important that she didn’t arrive?! Shake It Off, we’ve got it covered.

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Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Fans react to Taylor Swift’s no-show

When Taylor didn’t arrive at this year’s Grammys, it was a shock for her fans. They immediately saw Red and began frantically taking to social media to figure out what was going on.

One Twitter user wrote: “Me acting like I don’t care if Taylor swift is that the Grammys so she will magically appear.”

Another simply posted: “Waiting for Taylor swift to show up to the Grammys.”

A joke running amid Swifties – what Taylor’s fans call themselves – began to circulate, which saw people discuss how she must have forgotten that she was nominated, as her creation Evermore is the “middle album.”

“JUST IN: Taylor Swift confirms she forgot to attend the #GRAMMYs : ‘I forgot.’,” a fan jokily shared. A fellow Swifty commented by ending the sentence with: “-that Evermore exist.

Why was Taylor not at the 2022 Grammys?

The majority of fans guess that Taylor doesn’t care as much about her Evermore nomination as much as her previous albums. Taylor hasn’t specifically revealed why she didn’t attend, but there are several theories floating around.

Another assumption is that she wanted to keep things lowkey and didn’t think the awards were worth the flight to Las Vegas. However, she was seen with celebrities who did attend later that same night.

A fan wrote: “Taylor Swift is really happy that she will never have to acknowledge evermore right now #GRAMMYs.”

However, it’s likely that, because she had just the one nomination and didn’t want to make a big deal of it, Tay just didn’t feel the need to attend the ceremony. Plus, she focused on her friend Jack Antanoff’s win instead!

Taylor was seen celebrating his Producer of the Year crown alongside fellow musician Lana Del Rey during the same night of the Grammy’s. It comes after her first AOTY loss for her album Red in 2012.

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Did she win a Grammy award?

No, Taylor did not win a 2022 Grammy award. She was nominated for the Album of the Year Evermore, but Jon Batiste’s We Are secured the win at the 64th ceremony of the prestigious event.

Although she lost out on making history with her fourth award in the category, she held the title across three genres, making her the only solo female artist to win Album of the Year that many times!

Taylor’s Folklore won Album of the Year at the Grammys in 2021, and before that, she was crowned the category winner for Fearless in 2010 and her album 1989 in 2016.


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