Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra has been bulking up and shifting unwanted weight as he reflects on feeling ‘very happy’ with his new physique.

The reality TV star showed off his efforts on Instagram earlier this week and included before-and-after photos.

As part of the 30-year-old’s health kick, he has been working on losing a small amount of weight while keeping his strength.

Teen Mom’s Tyler Baltierra before-and-after transformation

Detailing the results on social media, he was “very happy” after a lot of hard work, time and energy.

He captioned the post: “OFFICIALLY DONE with this cut & I managed to drop 24 POUNDS while maintaining the strength I built while I was gaining.”

In the two snapshots, we can see Tyler has worked on his definition and has bulked up his arms and pectoral muscles, while trimming his abs. He explained he bulked up and at the end of March, weighed 203 lbs. However, after slim-lining his regime, he managed to achieve 179lbs months later.

All that matters, as fans have rushed to the comments to say, is how he feels about himself.

One fan praised the star and said: “Damn bro I gotta git on this, it’s been a dad bod summer haha”.

Another added: “Awesome! You should post your meal plan!”

A third wrote: “Way to go I know you did this for yourself and you should be proud but to also be healthier for your beautiful ladies”.

And one follower penned: “Wow! What a journey! 🙌💙🤺”.

Tyler’s health kick continues

The star has decided to continue bulking up and cutting to achieve results he wants – but admits he is “pretty happy” with his latest transformation.

He penned: “It makes me even more pumped to see how the next cut goes after I’m done bulking again!

“I did decide to shift my goals a little & focus more on aesthetics/muscle building for this next bulk cycle, rather than strength building (like I was doing before).

“I still have a long way to go until I reach my ultimate goal, but I promised myself that I would post more about my fitness journey, because It helps keep me accountable & I get questions about it from you guys all the time lol.”

It comes after he posted about loving his “little family so much”, and sharing an adorable montage.

He gushed about feeling “pure happiness” and stopping to find himself smiling at his life.

Tyler’s wife Catelynn (then Lowell) rose to fame after being showcased in MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2009. The duo placed daughter Carly, now 13, for adoption at birth due to their turbulent home lives.

The couple, who have been together since they were 13, later married and have welcomed two daughters Novalee, six, and Vaeda, two.


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