Kim Kardashian had a fright earlier this week when her daughter North West pranked her on TikTok with her greatest fear, spiders. Although Kim may have gone viral for her Christmas decorations at the start of the month, North seems to be holding on to Halloween, and we’re loving it!

Kim has gone from strength to strength this year. After finalizing her divorce from rapper Kanye West, she released her new skincare line SKNN, and clothing line SKIMS is doing better than ever, after countless collection drops. However, one thing she hasn’t overcome is conquer her fear of spiders. There’s always next year, Kim.

The Kardashians have given us years of entertainment with their reality show, and it seems like the children are following in their footsteps. If TikTok’s anything to go by, we may be seeing a Keeping Up With The Kids spin-off sometime soon.

North West ‘got’ Kim Kardashian with spider prank

Halloween may be over for the rest of us, but North West wasn’t ready to let go just yet.

Earlier this week, North West took to her and Kim’s joint TikTok account to play a prank on her mother for their 10.7 Million followers to see.

The short video shows North using the viral TikTok voice changer sound, telling her mum to just say “what?!”

At the time, North also has the TikTok spider filter on her face, unbeknownst to Kim. Fans can also see the family’s extravagant Christmas decorations in the background, including the famous, Kardashian tradition of gingerbread houses.

North then turns the camera to Kim, who goes along with the Tiktok saying: “what?” until she finally sees the spider crawling on her face.

Kim then shakes her head screaming: “STOP!” in horror as the video cuts out. At the time of publication, the video has 5 Million views.

North definitely takes after her mom and aunties with her social media talents, and fans just can’t get enough of her TikToks. One fan tweeted: “I have said it before and I will die on this hill North West is the funniest person on TikTok.”

Reality star is terrified of spiders

It’s a known fact Kim Kardashian is scared of spiders, and this isn’t the first time her fear has been used for entertainment. Fans may remember Ellen scaring Kim with a ‘spider’ when appearing on The Ellen Show back in April.

Ellen asked the fashion mogul what some of her favorite memories have been appearing on The Ellen Show.

Kim responded: “Honestly, my favorite, favorite memory has to be when you scared my mom.”

Referring to the Halloween show in 2018, when Ellen scared Kris with a Halloween figure popping out of a box causing Kris to fall over and almost ‘wet her pants!’

Kim continued: “I’ve always dreamed of being scared like that.” Little did she know, her dream was about to come true.

Ellen continued by speaking about Kim’s fear of spiders, to which the 41-year-old responded: “absolutely not!” Ellen then proceeds to take a ‘spider’ out of a box, causing Kim to get up from her seat.

The talk show host then takes it a step too far, pretending to throw the spider (which is actually fake) at Kim. Just like in the TikTok with North, Kim runs away screaming “STOP!” and that one was enough for Kim to run off-stage.

We don’t blame her!

The clip now has 1 Million views on YouTube.



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