The Kardashians finale has resurfaced footage of the hilarious moment when Kris face plants on a Paris sidewalk and falls to the floor pulling Kim’s dress down with her.

Thankfully the mother-daughter duo can laugh about the happenings as Kim’s zip-up dress stayed firmly in place and Kris had no major injuries.

In the season 2 finale of The Kardashians, the klan is back in Paris for fashion week. This led Kris and Kim to reminisce on their first Paris trip together.

So, 15 years following the face plant, Kris Jenner reflects on one of her “favorite stories” with Kim…

Kim Kardashian Sighting in Paris - September, 16th
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Hilarious moment Kris Jenner face plants floor and pulls Kim’s skirt

In a recent episode, Kris and Kim admitted in a dual confession that the momager had an incident during their first trip to Paris together. Kris gushed that it is one of her “favorite stories” as she casts her mind back to 2007 when the mother-daughter duo did a media tour in Paris.

Jenner begins to explain the embarrassing moment which occurred when they “decided to walk to Gucci.” However, she is interrupted by Kim who interjects: “Mom, this sounds like the brattiest story.”

Nothing is stopping the matriarch from finishing the tale: “Well, let me just tell it. It’s the truth. It doesn’t mean we were lying or anything. We decided to walk to a different store, and there must have been 100 photographers and for some reason, I trip.”

Jenner adds in the confession: “And I do a faceplant right on the cobblestones.”

The nasty fall left fans wondering if Kris had hurt herself and 15 years later she admits: “I scraped my leg and I was so upset and so nervous and she knew how nervous I was gonna be, I was shaking.”

Jenner concludes in the confessional: “It’s one of my first Paris memories with Kim.’

Kim K begs paparazzi to delete faceplant pictures

In the video, a French man can be heard asking Kim to blow a kiss, before the chaos ensues. The footage shows Kris faceplant on the sidewalk as she falls to the ground and grabs onto Kim’s dress to try and stabilize her fall. Kim and the security guards then help Kris up as she checks that her Chanel earrings are still in place.

Of course, Kim always has her mom’s back as Jenner recalls: “Kim looks up at these guys and goes, ‘Don’t anybody take a picture of my mom! If you got any pictures of her, you have to delete it.'”

This isn’t the first time Kris Jenner has lost her footing

In the years following the incident, Kris has been able to cover up her near-falls more smoothly. Such was the case in 2018 when Khloé Kardashian posted a video of Jenner almost falling as she walks up on stage.

She then makes it across the stage to her seat before stumbling back and forth again. Kris quickly drops back into the chair so she doesn’t lose her footing again. Khloé is heard gasping in the background with a shocked “oh!” as per Daily Mail.



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