King Kylie proves she's the most powerful sister in House Of The Dragon parody

King Kylie proves she's the most powerful sister in House Of The Dragon parody

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner transform into The Targashians of Westeros for a parody of House Of The Dragon – it’s the crossover we didn’t know we needed.

Kim channeled her inner Princess Jasmine for a hilarious skit of Disney’s Aladdin for SNL in October, and House Of The Dragon is the latest show to receive the Kardashian-Jenner treatment.

The Skims founder is joined by Kylie and Kris for a parody, and although she’s the star, the youngest sister lives up to her “King Kylie” nickname as she tears them down in the final seconds.

Screenshot from official The Late Late Show with James Corden Youtube channel – The Targashians Take Over Westeros

King Kylie Jenner comes out on top in House Of The Dragon skit

The socialites teamed up with James Corden to give the Game Of Thrones prequel a little Kardashian magic. Dressed in a low-cut medieval dress way too fashionable for the real series, Kim bickers with older “bro” Keith Targashian for the Iron Throne.

In true Kim K fashion, her character runs “the Armored Shapewear line, the Greyscale Cosmetics company, and dungeon reform” making her the deserving queen. She’s also about to grace the cover of the Jouster’s Illustrated, Westeros’ Sports Illustrated, though that’ll take “five or six more days” to paint.

Just when the siblings unite in mutual agreement to share the throne, the youngest sister, Kylie, makes a surprise entrance with an axe, killing them both. “There’s only one king in this kingdom; it’s King Kylie b******,” she adds.

The cherry on the top is undoubtedly her iconic Stormi wakeup call: “Rise and shine, the throne is mine.”

The Iron Throne joins her IRL title as the queen of Instagram and the world’s highest-paid celebrity in 2020, as per Forbes. With 369 million followers. she’s the most followed Kardashian-Jenner member and female on the platform.

Meanwhile, selling 51% of Kylie Cosmetics to Coty Inc in January 2019 for $600 million earned her an eye-watering $540 million, pretax. It’s a far cry from her “embarrassing” teen days seen on KUWTK.

House Of The Dragon is a medieval KUWTK

The Kardashians X House Of The Dragon mashup likely came to life after fans began drawing similarities between the two shows.

“Watching House of the Dragon is like watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, but if the stakes were higher,” a fan commented. If you add the entire fate of a kingdom and the family line into the Kardashians, HOTD is what you’ll get.

Another echoed: “I can’t be the only one thinking ‘House of the Dragon’ is just a medieval version of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’

“So much tea in 1 episode it’s like I’m watching the Kardashians hahahahaha i love” a fan praised the HBO show. Spoiler: someone has a heartbreaking and painful death.



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