Kourtney Kardashian‘s supplements have gone down a whole new route. Her firm Lemme has now launched Lemme Purr, a gummy that focuses on targeting health down there while “supporting freshness and taste.”

Lemme is a new vitamin and supplement line owned by the Kardashian sister. Over the last five years, Kourtney has been on a mission to collaborate with doctors and scientists to create gummy vitamins and supplements.

Helping customers to “live your best life,” Kourtney has now launched Lemme Purr, which was introduced to her fans with no less than several trained cats circling her while she laid down in a yellow two-piece, before eating a gummy.

Kourtney Kardashian’s supplements

Kourtney has launched gummy supplements to support women’s health. The gummies combine real pineapple and Vitamin C with clinically-studied probiotics with a goal to target pH levels and health down below.

It’s one of several supplements she’s launched via her firm Lemme, alongside matcha, debloat, focus, and chill gummies. The bestsellers so far are the matcha and debloat gummies, which each cost $30.

On February 6, Kourtney’s company introduced new health gummies Lemme Purr. The new product led to mixed reactions from customers but some thought that it simply “made no sense.”

Lemme gummies cause mixed opinions

When Lemme launched its new health gummies, some were totally here for it, while others didn’t feel it was a necessary supplement. Comments like “just wash it” and “this is ridiculous” were left on the launch post.

One fan simply wrote on Instagram: “This makes no sense.”

Another penned: “I need a gynecologist to tell me this is okay to take.” The Lemme website states: “Our formulations include clinically-studied ingredients and best-for-you botanical blends.”

“No FDA certification but here are these gummies that def aren’t fruit snacks just trust me, bro,” reacted a follower.

However, others were more excited. One said, “She is really coming into herself with this brand,” while another fan wrote: “Whoever is on Lemme’s marketing team, girl you deserve a raise!!”

Fans asked to join the waiting list

For anyone hoping to buy the Lemme gummies, they are not available at the time of writing. Kourtney has not revealed a release date but has asked customers to join the waiting list to be notified.

Kourtney Kardashian’s gummies have certainly caused a stir, but if you want to get your hands on the product, you’ll have to visit the email address page, enter your details, and patiently wait for a new inbox ping!

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