Kylie Jenner has decided to lay down on a crisp white bed and “wait for Santa” in a covered-up dress which only shows her eyes. But it’s the unique dress itself that has sent her Instagram followers into a total frenzy.

The Kardashians are total Queens when it comes to Christmas time. Kylie already stunned by hosting the biggest tree we’ve literally ever seen in her mansion, but she went one big step further this time round.

She shared a photo in a dress which has been compared by her fans to ET or a tapeworm. Of course, she tends to strike a huge reaction when it comes to her outfits, and she’s only gone and done it again.

Kylie Jenner is ‘waiting for Santa’

Kylie took to Instagram while lying on a white bed on December 13. She shared a picture of her wearing a colourful maxi dress and balaclava and captioned the post: “Waiting for Santa like…”

She paired the look with black heeled boots and held her black-manicured nails on her thigh. The only flesh that can be seen are her striking eyes, and even her sister Khloe was stunned by the outfit move.

Khloe commented: “Oh yeah… Totally.” Johnny Cyrus joined in with the fan frenzy and asked her if she’s “naughty or nice” but not everyone agreed with the jokiness and actually found the outfit unusual for Kylie.

Instagram followers shook by dress

When Kylie wore the daring outfit, many compared the look to a tapeworm, ET or simply a fake demon they see “in their dreams.” One fan simply said they “don’t like this” while another penned that she has “no style” in the comments.

A fellow Instagram follower attributed the dress to resembling something else, and wrote: “My tapeworm be like.” Others labelled the outfit as “weird” or as appearing like a bodily organ, with one saying: “What in the artery.”

However, not everyone is against Kylie’s recent outfit. One Twitter user said they “love Kylie Jenner’s Glenn Martens [creative director at Y Project] so much” and another wrote: “Serving look after look!!! Yes Kylie.”

Kylie’s unique dress costs 745 euros

Kylie’s dress and balaclava set is worth $912.50 (around $971) in total. The two items are from Y Project Official, with the dress on its own at $745.83 and the gradient balaclava currently selling for a price of 166.67 euros.

The balaclava is a regular fit while both items are made in Italy. Y Project has been debuting the dress on its Instagram page since August 2022, and have continued to advertise the colourful design through to November.

It comes as Kylie continues to wear runway outfits designed by top fashion designers. A recent outfit she sported to a red carpet was the Mugler 1995 Couture Silk and Satin with Ostrich Feathers Gown, with a 1999 tiara.

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