Blink-182 made a huge announcement on their Instagram yesterday that has sent fans of the American rock band wild.

As confirmed on their official Instagram account, Blink-182 will be joining the world of Funko Pops for the second time for their 30th-year anniversary.

The brand, which sells countless pop culture collectables, has released figures of numerous famous faces, including Muhammad Ali, Elton John, Michael Jordan and Prince.

It seems that Blink-182 felt like they were missing out – so, here’s everything we know about their upcoming Funko Pops…

Canada’s Drag Race | Series 3 Trailer | BBC Three

Canada’s Drag Race | Series 3 Trailer | BBC Three

If you want to have Travis Barker and his bandmates by your side forever – look no further!

The Blink-182 Funko Pops will be available to purchase from the 1st of August, 2022, at 9:00 am PST. However, these won’t be your usual collectables, as the band has hinted there will be something special about theirs…

The Blink-182 figures will be naked, as the band wrote in their announcement post, “Just 3 Nude Dudes”, accompanied by an outline of what they will look like.

You might be thinking – how can they sell these figures for a brand that can be for both adults and children?

Well, the collectables will be using the members’ instruments to cover any explicit details, just like their memorable What’s My Age Again? Music Video, which has sparked rumours surrounding a return of a certain band member…

Fans of Blink-182 have jumped to the comments to share their excitement about the upcoming Funko Pops. One Instagram user wrote: “Thank you so much for this, my year is made.”

However, many fans can’t help but think this is the band’s soft launch of the return of a former band member, Tom DeLonge.

Tom left Blink-182 back in 2015 and Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba soon replaced him.

Numerous social media users have discussed their theories about Tom’s return. As one user wrote, “One step closer to announcing the return of Tom,” Another added: “That better be Tom on the right.”

To many fans’ delight, Tom actually shared the announcement post on his own Instagram story – which has fueled the speculations even further.

It would make perfect sense for him to be a part of them, seeing as they are recreating a scene from their Enema of the State album, which Tom was a huge part of.

One user, however, thinks that Tom will be included, but that doesn’t mean he will return to be a part of the band: “Tom’s in there because of course he is, he’s an iconic part of Blink’s history (celebrating 30 years of Blink). Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s coming back.”

Blink 182 Pose For A Portrait In 1997
Photo by Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Prior to this announcement, fans of the band were already speculating about Tom’s return.

This arose when an Instagram user commented on a post asking if Matt was still in Blink-182, to which he replied: “Your guess is as good as mine. Regardless, I am very proud of and thankful for my time w @blink182. We shall see…”

Unsurprisingly, this interaction blew up social media, with users thinking that Tom was making a comeback in 2022.

One Twitter user wrote: “The cycle of Tom DeLonge coming back to Blink 182 is almost complete once again and it is a beautiful thing.”

Another added: “OMG it’s happening. Tom Delonge reunited with Blink-182.”

Blink-182 Karaoke Summer Tour Announcement
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