Travis Barker was rushed to hospital on Tuesday, June 28 with doctors allegedly claiming his condition was “triggered by a colonoscopy”.

The Blink-182 drummer was spotted boarding an ambulance on a stretcher on Tuesday. Wife Kourtney Kardashian first took him to West Hills Hospital for the mystery illness earlier in the day, before staff transported him via ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, reports TMZ.

Barker alerted fans of his pain via Twitter, writing “God save me”, though many have called him out for “attention seeking” since he’s apparently well enough to tweet.

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Travis Barker hospitalised due to pancreatitis

Sources told TMZ that the drummer suffered from pancreatitis, the inflammation of the pancreas. According to the NHS, it’s commonly linked to gallstones and high alcohol consumption, though it takes about a week for recovery.

More severe cases can cause harm to vital organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys.

Barker’s daughter updated fans with a swiftly-deleted TikTok of her holding her father’s hand while he rested in hospital captioned with: “Please say a prayer.”

She also reached out to her Instagram followers, writing: “Please send your prayers.”

The inflammation was reportedly “triggered” by a recent colonoscopy, an examination to identify changes in the large intestine and rectum. During the procedure, a long flexible tube is inserted into the rectum and a tiny camera at the tip of the tube allows the doctor to view inside the colon.

It’s recommended to scan for swollen, irritated tissues, polyps, or signs of colon cancers, particularly if you are aged 45 or over. Barker is 46 years old.

Colonoscopies, however, are rarely the cause of pancreatitis, gastroenterologist Dr Eric Goldstein told Insider.

Travis is the male Gwyneth Paltrow thanks to his dive into wellness

Heavy drinking may be a cause of pancreatitis, but Barker quit his dangerous lifestyle after his near-death experience in 2008. His private jet burst into flames after one of the tires blew before take-off in South Carolina.

The aircraft overran the runway and hit an embankment; only Barker and Adam Goldstein survived the accident. The two other passengers and pilots died on impact and due to smoke inhalation.

Now, he’s adopted a vegan diet and has been known for his healthy and zen lifestyle – well, as zen as a punk rocker can get.

Barker’s also a strong advocate for matcha and makes “the best matcha” according to Kourtney. Even his pets are super mellow – he feeds them Barker Wellness CBD oil as a treat.

That’s one way to stop your dog from barking at the postman.


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