Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian have found themselves as the topic of conversation yet again due to a peculiar Instagram wall of fame chair story posted by Travis – which has appeared on there twice.

Being the popular influencers they are, uploading multiple stories per day is the norm, so it’s no surprise that followers want to know the inside scoop on each one.

If you’ve come across Travis‘ ‘wall of fame’ chair Instagram story in either July 2022 or in the reposted version in February 2023 – here’s what we know…

Canada’s Drag Race | Series 3 Trailer | BBC Three

Canada’s Drag Race | Series 3 Trailer | BBC Three

Travis Barker’s chair story

Travis’ Insta story showed a wall full of chairs – sounds crazy we know. However, these weren’t just your average chair, as each of them had its own plaque dedicated to a certain somebody – a wall of fame.

Travis and Kourtney have earned their own spot on this wall, as the story showed a plaque saying “Travis & Kourtney“, and a second one with the date of their anniversary – 05/15/2022.

The story has begun a debate on Reddit, with users questioning what these chairs are.

The thread started with a user asking: “Do any of y’all know what this is? Travis posted a pic of his and Kourtney’s name on a chair hung up on the wall…”

One Reddit user isn’t so sure about the wall, as they wrote: “Yeah this is scary and weird. Like final destination 2022.”

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Where are the ‘wall of fame’ chairs?

If you live in the Santa Barbara area – the good news is you can check out the Travis Barker-approved wall of fame!

Travis’s story of the ‘wall of fame’ is located at Tre Lune, Montecito, CA. Tre Lune is an Italian restaurant that serves classic Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, and antipasti.

In an interview with The Santa Barbara Independent, Tre Lune’s restaurant manager, Leslee Garafalo, explained the meaning behind the unique décor. He said:

We have close to 300 chairs on the wall for our customers who love eating here and who’ve been eating here for years. We like to thank our customers, and they get a kick out of it.

Garafalo also told the newspaper that Gene Montesano, owner of Tre Lune, has one standard that you need to meet to feature on the wall – being “cool.”

Travis and Kourtney deserve their place on the wall

If being cool is the main criterion – Travis and Kourtney have definitely earnt their place on the wall of fame.

Although they only began dating publicly in 2021, they have had their fair share of memorable moments since then. Their relationship has caught the attention of the world, from their crazy PDA to their iconic photoshoots.

One of their most iconic moments is when Kourtney tattooed ‘I Love You’ onto his arm.

Another one of our fave Kravis moments is when the pair eloped to Vegas to get married by an Elvis impersonator. They were snapped wearing matching leather jackets and black sunglasses inside the chapel.


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