Lady Gaga’s fans have mistaken her for an AI for more than one unrelated reason, flooding her TikTok with some interesting reactions.

Forget fans assuming the Poker Face singer has had plastic surgery because, in this scenario, they are convinced the person in the video isn’t the real Lady Gaga.

A significant number of them have noted that she looks considerably “different” and the mere fact that she is, in fact, dancing to Nicki Minaj’s track, which is a first, has many questioning the visuals in her most recent TikTok.

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Fans think Lady Gaga is ‘unrecognizable’

In Lady Gaga’s latest TikTok, the singer is seen dancing to the track Princess Diana, while holding different shades of lip crayons.

The motive of the video, of course, was to promote the lip colors. However, fans did everything but take notice of it with most commenting on her appearance and saying they weren’t able to “recognize” her.

With her blonde hair let loose, the singer is seen wearing minimal makeup, with the only highlight being the color of her lips.

But, fans think she looks more like Britney Spears, while others have gone a little further comparing her to Miley Cyrus.

Lady Gaga mistaken for AI

Funnier reactions are from those TikTok users who are totally convinced that the person in the video isn’t the real singer, but an AI-generated visual, which comes across as Lady Gaga.

Meanwhile, others were surprised to see her dance to Nicki and Ice Spice’s track, with many celebrating the idea of A Star is Born actress being a Barb.

As Lady Gaga and Nicki have never collaborated, fans think this is the closest they could get. And the fact that she’s grooving to a song by Nicki has made the visuals all the more unbelievable for fans.

However, unlike in other cases when a certain celebrity’s appearance is dragged in the media over one or more altered features, Lady Gaga’s fans think there’s something different about her overall look, thus justifying their theory about it being AI.

TikTok users share the strangest of reactions

The below reactions can serve as a great source of laughter if not for anything else.

A comment read: “Is this an AI? It’s Lady Gaga but it’s also not.”

Adding to the above comment another fan asked: “Wait wait wait is that Al?”

“I almost didn’t recognize her. I don’t think it’s the real Lady Gaga,” wrote one.

Another commented: “Why does she look like a Lady Gaga lookalike”

“My mind is fighting over deciding whether this is Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga,” added one.

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