What happened to Davi on The Bert Show?


What happened to Davi on The Bert Show?

The Bert Show listeners in 2022 want to know what happened to Davi Crimmins. She used to be a member of the cast alongside Bert Weiss, Moe Mitchell and co, but Davi is no longer on the show. The Bert Show first took to the airwaves in 2000 and is still going strong 22 years later.

The Bert Show is a morning radio show which states that it’s “the best morning show around” on Apple Podcasts, adding: “We’re real and we’re funny, and we do it all authentically”. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the show first started with radio host Bert Weiss and more co-hosts have been added over the years.

Who is Davi on The Bert Show?

Davi Crimmins started out on The Bert Show as an intern in 2012 per Insider Radio.

Insider Radio added that Davi served more roles than co-host while at the show, she worked as “a board operator, phone screener, writer, and producer”.

Davi later took over the co-host position previously held by Brian Moote.

The former Bert Show co-host is married to Blair Crimmins and they celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary in 2021.

What happened to Davi on The Bert Show?

In 2022, after 10 years on The Bert Show, Davi Crimmins was “let go” from her role on the show per Insider Radio due to “off air chemistry” according to Bert Weiss.

Insider Radio reported what Bert said on air about the dismissal of Davi: “Chemistry is everything when it comes to this job. If the chemistry sucks off the air, eventually you’ll hear it on the air but this has little to do with the on-air product. It has to do with people being happy at work. The chemistry in this studio has gotten to a point that wasn’t healthy. As much as I tried to fix it, the problem has existed for a while and it comes and it goes too often.”

The current Bert Show cast can be seen on the show’s website and includes Cassie Young, Amy Howard and Kristin Klingshirn.

Davi spoke of her exit from the show

On June 24th, 2022, Davi Crimmins took to Instagram to share her take of being dismissed from the show.

She wrote that she believed that the announcement of her termination from The Bert Show “was misleading”.

She added that she wouldn’t be continuing with the “Broadly Speaking podcast under Bert Weiss’s podcasting label, Pionaire”.

Davi went on to thank her fans “for 6 years of support, streaming our podcast, multiple live recordings, & so much loving feedback over the years!”. Fans commented that they hope she podcasts on another platform.

She also said that there is more to come and that a new “adventure” is on the horizon. Per her latest IG post, fans can expect something new from Davi in mid August.


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