A wild internet theory suggests that Kim Kardashian‘s super-snatched waist is all down to her having ribs removed. Of course, there’s no substance to the claims and Kim has even denied it, but people continue to speculate.

Wannabe internet sleuths have claimed that before and after pictures of Kim prove she’s had some of her ribs removed in order to make her waist smaller.

She’s known all around the world for her gorgeous hourglass figure, and she’s said there is a much simpler secret behind it.

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Theory claims before and after pics prove Kim had ribs removed

The theory has been discussed on Reddit after a fan started a discussion called “The body changes are just so drastic and unnatural. She was perfectly fine before!!”

Some claimed that comparing old and new snaps provided evidence that she’d undergone the dramatic procedure.

One person commented: “It’s so crazy to me how tiny her waist is in comparison.”

Another wrote: “She’s always been pretty slim but her waist used to be so much wider than it is now.

“I think that rumor that she had ribs removed is way far out there, but how the hell did she get her waist so damn tiny like what surgery is that!!??”

People have also shared their theories on Twitter.

One once said: “im convinced kim kardashian has had a couple ribs removed”

And another asked: “how many ribs do you think kim kardashian has left”.

But of course, no, Kim has not had her ribs removed.

The Kardashians | Season 2 Teaser | Hulu

The Kardashians | Season 2 Teaser | Hulu

Kim has laughed off the suggestions

Back in 2019, Kim laughed off rumors about the extreme surgery.

It happened while she was joking around with friend Anastasia Soare – CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills – in a long-gone Instagram Story.

While asking about how she keeps her waist so snatched, Anastasia asked: “Please explain to me how it’s possible…this waist! Did you remove your ribs?”

Mum-of-four Kim laughed and said: “Oh, come on! Don’t worry. I didn’t remove any ribs, you guys… I think that honestly being a vegan now helps.”

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The theory gained some traction at the time thanks to Kim‘s skin-tight Thierry Mugler dress at that year’s Met Gala.

People seemed to suggest that Kim couldn’t have possibly achieved her figure naturally.

Even her trainer Melissa Alcantra got involved, hitting back: “To make things clear: 1. This dress is corseted BUT 2. Kim trains her ass off 6 days a f**king week, she wakes up early AF and is dedicated.

“3. I paved the road for her but SHE did the work! MOST IMPORTANTLY I don’t give a s**t about your opinions on her body, if you think [it’s] fake or not! I see her every morning, I see her train and I see her sweat and I see all the work she does outside the gym and THAT is commendable!”


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