If you’re into your celebrity and pop culture you’ll definitely have heard the word ‘Skete’ being thrown around recently, especially from the man himself, Kanye West, who uses the word as a nickname for his ex-wife’s new beau, Pete Davidson.

The pair have been going back and forth on social media in a ‘word war’ since it was announced that Kim K was dating the 28-year-old. Fans are now dying to figure out why Kanye calls Pete Skete and we are here to tell all.

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Why does Kanye keep calling Pete Skete?

Since the couple divorced, Kanye has been uploading and deleting multiple posts with his opinions on Kim’s new relationship with Pete as well as questioning her parenting decisions since the divorce.

There are multiple theories as to why Kayne calls him Skete with some thinkings it’s simply Kim and Pete’s names combined, similarly to Kimye. However, this wouldn’t explain where the S came from so this theory isn’t the most popular.

Others think it has a much more rude meaning behind it, if you look up the word on Urban Dictionary there are some different connotations – all of which are negative.

Skete can refer to a ‘trashy’ white male and is also linked to hillbillys being called ‘Skeeters’ back in the day. Aside from this, it is commonly used as a term to describe male ejaculation – we will let you decide which you think it may be referring to.

The final theory, that was discussed by Charlamagne The God on Andrew Schulz’s podcast, is that Kayne and fans call Pete Skete because it is an ‘accurate’ name for him because he has been ‘skeeting on his ex-wife’.

Skete and Ye’s Instagram war

Their feud has been going on for a while now which each of them throwing small (and some big) digs at each other. On Valentine’s day, Kanye took the beef a little further when he posted a picture of a man choking someone and the rapper captioned it,

Upon my wife’s request please nobody do anything physical to Skete I’m going to handle the situation myself.”

Kanye West, Instagram

The post also showed texts between Kim and Kanye with Kim telling her ex-husband that “someone will hurt Pete and it will all be your fault.”

Another post had a pretty rude message to Pete that said,

Hold your spouse close. Make sure they know how much you love and appreciate them because there’s a Skete lurking in every dirty a** alley waiting to help destroy your family and walk around in Calvin Kleins around your children.

Kanye West, Instagram
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Pete and Kim are going strong

Despite all the Kanye and Skete drama, the couple seems to be doing well and appear very happy. Though they are only dating, they finally went public on Valentine’s day this year and fans were obsessed.

They celebrated Valentine’s day by going on a romantic dinner date where they comfortably kissed in public for the first time. Page Six published the pictures which showed the couple on their way to the restaurant where they were holding hands and wearing matching sunglasses.

They then openly shared a kiss in front of the cameras before leaving the restaurant, confirming that they were in fact an item.


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