24 Hours in A&E revisits Bobby and Jackie's love story: Criminal past to recovery

24 Hours in A&E is taking a retrospective look at some of the most memorable cases at King’s College Hospital over the years. 

The Channel 4 fly-on-the-wall docuseries has been airing since 2011, following some of London’s biggest hospitals. From 2011 to 2014, the show was filmed at King’s College in Camberwell. From 2014 to the present, the show has been following the A&E ward of St. George’s Hospital in Tooting.

In last night’s retrospective (Tuesday, July 28th), viewers were reminded of one of King’s College’s most intriguing patients: Bobby. Bobby is an ex-convict, for a number of serious crimes which included murder, who turned his life around after meeting the love of his life.

So, what happened with Bobby on 24 Hours in A&E? Find out what happened to Bobby here.

Screenshot: 24 Hours in A&E 28/07/2020 – 4oD

Who is Bobby?

Viewers were introduced to Bobby back in 2014, when he appeared on 24 Hours in A&E in series 5 episode 6.

When Bobby was on the show, he was 48 years old. This means he will be 54 this year.


Bobby had spent most of his adult life in prison for a string of serious crimes. He had spent 28 years behind bars at the time of filming. Bobby explains to the Channel 4 cameras that he was encouraged to engage in criminal activity from a young age. Bobby said: “I was only 6 years of age, my sister was 9, and we both got sent out to nick the dinner and we got arrested.”

After their arrest, Bobby and his sister were sent into care. He describes his “best memories as a child were in care.” But after he was released from care, Bobby became a career criminal.

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Bobby on 24 Hours in A&E

Bobby was brought into King’s College’s A&E department while suffering with seizures. He was accompanied by Jackie, his partner.

He had had seizures in the past and was taking medication for them. However, when in the A&E ward, Bobby had his most severe seizure to date.

Bobby was discharged but was continually monitored.

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Jackie and Bobby’s love story

Jackie and Bobby knew each other from a young age. Bobby explained they used to “knock about the flats together,” but claims that Jackie would never consider him as a serious romantic partner as he was “running with the wrong crowd.”

Bobby explained:

I went to prison for a really, really long time. Had we got together in the beginning, it would’ve been a completely different story.

Bobby was in Belmarsh Prison in South East London when he got back into contact with Jackie. A mutual friend of theirs was placed on the same wing. They got to chatting about Jackie and then Bobby decided to call her to see how she was after all those years. Bobby had 8 years of his sentence to go when the two got back in contact.

Speaking to the 24 Hours in A&E team, Jackie said: “Even if I went round the world three times over I wouldn’t find another one like Bobby. He’s a proper diamond.” Jackie has her own debilitating illness, having to use a wheelchair since 2010. It is unconfirmed what Jackie was suffering while on the show.




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