24 Hours in A&E always proves itself to be a real tear-jerker as we peer into one of the busiest accident and emergency wards in Britain.

And last night’s episode (Tuesday, August 13th) was no exception.

In the episode, we are introduced to 16-year-old George, who was rushed to St George’s Hospital with a severe and life-threatening bleed on the brain.

Here’s what happened to George on 24 Hours in A&E and how he miraculously recovered!

Screenshot: 24 Hours in A&E S18 E15 – 4oD

Who is George?

South Londoner George is the son of single parent, Tim.

As George is in the hospital we hear of his family background with Tim and older brother Sean, the family “unit” before Tim remarried Lisa in 2014.

George’s mum Zoe, who lives in Kent, was absent from the show despite rushing to visit her son in the hospital. This led to some pretty emosh scenes of George sobbing to his mum on the phone before he went into theatre, thinking things might take a turn for the worse.

We’ll never forget George in tears saying “I love you mum”.

Screenshot: 24 Hours in A&E S18 E15 – 4oD

What happened to George on 24 Hours in A&E?

George was having a fight with a friend in the street when he hit his head on the concrete and fractured his skull. His neighbour found him bleeding from the head and informed Lisa and Tim of what had happened.

He was rushed to St George’s from Croydon after arriving at his local hospital and severely throwing up, indicating there was a neurological problem.

After a CT scan, things took a turn for the worse as the results revealed a serious blot clot that should have put George into a coma. The senior registrar said: “Usually they will be in a coma but somehow he seems to have held off, somehow miraculously.”

The worst case for this injury is death or a severe disability and brain damage.

George’s recovery

George required emergency brain surgery to deal with the extradural haematoma – the clot – a procedure which could result in a stroke or death.

But the predicted three-hour surgery lasted for only half of the time and was a complete success.

George was only in the hospital for four days, which shocked doctors again as he should’ve been in recovery on the ward for double that time.

He said, “it made me grow up fast because at that age you’re supposed to be out having fun with your friends, not getting into fights with your friends and going into brain surgery.”

Screenshot: George with Lisa and Tim – 24 Hours in A&E S18 E15 – 4oD