Made in Chelsea has had its fair share of drama, from the wrath of Spencer and Louise’s relationship, to that Lucy dinner party comeback.

The E4 reality series follows a group of well-spoken, rich friends living it up in Chelsea, which involves three things: parties, gossip and coffee meet-ups.

That might sound completely fun and chill, but really, there’s so much more to it. Every single party ends in either a break-up or a massive fall-out.

It’s been on our screens for years and years, so we thought, what better way to celebrate its success than to list the most explosive moments ever…

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Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

JP and Ollie see red over Binky

MIC fans everywhere will know that Ollie Locke always has Binky’s back.

So when a guy isn’t making her happy, he will be there to fight her corner. After Binky and JP split, he was adamant he knows how much he loves her.

Then when he found out Ollie thought JP was picking her up and dropping her, a massive row blew up between the two.

Claiming he needed to “heal himself”, JP said he knows what he wants, which Ollie doesn’t understand as their relationship was “not working”.

Let’s not forget Ollie’s comment halfway through the huge argument: “Stop saying pal, it’s terribly annoying.”

Sophie vs Maeva

Sophie was playing with fire when she told James that Maeva was initiating the flirting with her ex-boyfriend Miles.

So it was no surprise when Maeva approached Sophie about the rumors.

When Sophie said she understands French, Maeva responded by saying she “understands f*** all” and that she knows five words.

When Maeva began raising her voice, saying she did not want Sophie to approach her boyfriend, Sophie uttered those classic words.

“Stop spitting on my mink!”

Ryan’s clash with Louise’s ex

Exes are always a touchy subject for anyone in a relationship.

That’s why, when Louise’s ex Alik Alfus called Ryan a “big angry bear”, he ended up lashing out and pushing the ex during a night out.

It had started out as a relatively okay situation (if combining your boyfriend and ex can ever go well), until Alik told Ryan to stop getting angry.

Ryan insisted he was calm, but Alik’s digs eventually got the better of him.

Louise’s boyfriend – now fiance – later admitted it was the wrong thing to do, during a lunch meet-up with her and brother Sam Thompson.

Throwing shade on the grill

When Alex brought Lucy Watson to a dinner party, it wasn’t long before Jamie and his sidekick Spencer went in on him.

Well, it was a brave move, as Jamie and Lucy’s drinks date had literally only just fizzled out. And that’s when the iconic comment came from Lucy.

When the rest of the table claim that Jamie did the exact same thing – when he went from Binky to Lucy – it basically backfired.

And it’s when Rosie claimed that it “wouldn’t be so much of a situation” if Lucy had not lied in the first place, she responded with the famous line….

“Why is everybody getting up in my grill?”

The Spencer slap

After finding out Spencer had been unfaithful to Louise, which he outright denied at first, Millie Mackintosh was not holding back.

Both her and Rosie Fortescue urged him to tell the truth about sleeping with someone, but he was adamant he had not cheated.

Millie got so angry that she slapped him in the face…

Even after that, it took a while for Spencer to admit his wrongdoing.

Verity cries (again)

Emily Blackwell revealed that Maeva admitted her sex life was “more passionate” with Miles, despite now being with James.

It’s always the dinner parties where it blows up…

Then, Verity gets involved in the drama, after finding out that her ex Tristan and her friend Liv Bentley slept together.

She cries and tells Liv: “You threw away a friendship for a quick s**g.”

Liv’s arm twitches…

Liv was present when Tiffany Watson addresses Sam about telling Zara that she “apparently” cornered him at a party.

He also said she can’t say they had a fiery sex life, which she said was “taken out of context”.

Then they discussed why Tiff called him in the early hours of the morning, before Zara turned up to the conversation.

When Sam doesn’t let Liv have a private chat with Zara, she throws her drink all over him and tells him to get out of the house. Awkward.



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