A complete guide to the Channel 4 DIET PLANS from How to Lose Weight Well!

New Channel 4 series How to Lose Weight Well is providing viewers with an endless amount of inventive methods to lose weight.

From the cookie diet to eating nothing but cabbage, Dr Xand van Tulleken and his crew have really pushed the boat out when it comes to finding unique ways to diet.

Here’s a complete guide to the most successful and popular diet plans from How to Lose Weight Well 2019. All you have to do is to pick one and follow the guidelines!

How to Lose Weight Well – Dr Xand

Genetic Diet (9/10) – Great Results, Easy to Follow!

Perhaps our favourite diet from the show – because it didn’t feature losing a ton of weight in such a short space of time (seven days) that you’re likely to instantly gain it back – was the genetic diet.

Rules were simple, with a rhyming rulebook stating things like “if it’s white keep it out of sight”. Which meant avoiding all white carbs such as pasta, white bread, mayonnaise, potatoes and milk.

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How to Do it!

Genetic diet: Follow the rules above, essentially eating more leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds, salads, soups, fish, eggs and meat than anything else.

Result: Tracy dropped a fantastic 1 stone and 12 lbs (11.7 kg) in three months.

Tracy previously weighed 15 stone 9lbs but finished the three-month diet at 13 stone 11lbs.

Superfood Diet (9/10) – Great Results, Delicious Food!

The superfood diet has a long list of foods and recipes that you can chow down on.

However, you must only eat the foods on the list, and you must not drink alcohol or eat anything after the final evening meal.

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How to Do it!

Superfood plan: There are 24 foods on this superfood diet; apples, avocados, beans, blueberries, broccoli, cinnamon, dark chocolate, extra virgin oil, garlic, honey, kiwi, oats, onions, oranges, pomegranate, pumpkin, soy (soy milk, soy nuts, tempeh, tofu), spinach, tea, tomatoes, turkey, walnuts, wild salmon, yogurt.

Result: Bruce lost an incredible 1 stone and 9lbs in four weeks. He originally weighed 15 stone 9lbs but cut down to 13 stone flat on the diet alone.

Italian Diet (7/10) – Pasta Galore, Simple Rules

The Italian diet, also known as the Mamma Mia Diet, was created by Italian scientist Paolo Lovisetti Scamihorn.

The focus is actually on freshly made Mediterranean food with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains.

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How to Do it!

Italian food plan: You have to ensure that all of your meals are freshly cooked, with fresh, natural ingredients. The good part is that you can also enjoy one glass of wine per day on this diet.

Meal example:

  • Spaghetti with fresh basil and a tomato sauce made from real tomatoes
  • Italian salad (lettuce, olives, carrot, capers)
  • 1x small glass of red wine

Result: Michelle took on the Italian Diet for four months in total and lost 1 stone 9lbs.

Cabbage Soup Diet (7/10) – Good Results, Good Variety!

The cabbage soup diet was welcomed into the show by doctor Xand, with the 40-year-old confessing that the diet was allegedly a popular choice among celebrities.

It certainly wasn’t a popular choice for the show’s human guinea pig Charmaine, however.

And as for pal Caroline, well, she was even more upset considering high doses of cabbage is known to cause extreme flatulence!

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How to Do it!

Cabbage soup diet: Vegetables, garlic and tomato juice with finely sliced cabbage (added last) cooked through in a pan.


Result: Charmaine dropped 5 lbs (1.8 kg).

She previously weighed 11 stone 9lbs but finished the seven-day diet at 11 stone 5lbs.

Charcoal Diet (6/10) – More Scientific Evidence Needed!

In episode 2, Becky was placed on the charcoal diet.

The diet is designed to rid the body of unwanted toxins and is rumoured to be used by celebs such as Kim Kardashian.

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How to Do it!

Charcoal diet: Replace one main meal per day (breakfast, lunch or dinner) with a fruit juice that contains activated charcoal – example: 250ml water, honey, fruit and powdered activated charcoal.

Result: Becky lost 7lbs (3 kgs or half a stone!) in two weeks on the charcoal diet.

Potato Diet (5/10) – Great results, Not Enjoyable!

The most bizarre of all diets on the list was the potato diet, where Caroline was tasked with eating nothing but spuds for an entire week.

You may think that potatoes sound much more appetizing than a cabbage binge, however, the only potato variety that you can consume is boiled –  no fries, creamy mash or even golden brown baked ones.

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How to Do it!

Potato diet: Up to 5 lbs of boiled potatoes per day with one teaspoon of oil as dressing.

Result: Caroline dropped a remarkable 12 lbs (5.4 kg)

Caroline previously weighed 14 stone 4lbs but finished the seven-day diet at 11 stone 6lbs despite struggling with the diet and not always sticking to it exactly!


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