Adam Hills’ beard continues to grow – The Last Leg host will shave at the end of Brexit!

Adam Hills' beard continues to grow - The Last Leg host will shave at the end of Brexit!

The Last Leg is one of our favourite go-to programmes for all the best content regarding politics, culture, and all the funny satirical bits in between.

Australian comedian Alex Hills has headed up the series as the lead presenter since the show began in 2012 and he returned last Friday night (January 17th) to kick off the decade with a new series. Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe returned to resume their roles as the co-hosts.

This season sees the continuation of Alex Hills’ beard growing feat, which looks like it might be coming to its conclusion at the end of the month… read on to find out why Alex has been growing his beard.

Screenshot: The Last Leg S19 E1 – 4oD

Alex’s beardy promise

Last season of The Last Leg, Alex Hills stated that he would grow his beard out until Brexit was done.

So when he stepped out in the first episode with a rather long, Hagrid-esque beard, everyone was in bits that the comedian had stuck to his promise!

As Alex’s beard grew over 2019, each week the more and more dishevelled and untidy it became almost served as a fitting metaphor for the continuous mess of Brexit.

Will Adam shave it on January 31st?

As The Last Leg’s broadcast will carry us over the day Brexit is commenced and Britain begins to leave the EU (January 31st, 2020 for those who have been living under a rock), we hopefully shall see Adam Hills shave off his Brexit beard.

Although the comedian has said the look is growing on him… maybe he’ll retain it in the hopes the plans will fall through once more?

All will be revealed next Friday!




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