Channel 4: Where is AJ from Britain's Fattest People now? Did they get surgery?

AJ stars on Channel 4’s Britain’s Fattest People on January 18th. So where are they now? Did they end up getting weight loss surgery?

The first episode of series 3 will follow AJ’s story, who has been mostly shut inside for the last six years to escape being bullied.

They meet with bariatric surgeon Professor Kerrigan, hoping to have weight loss surgery, and is told to make diet and lifestyle changes.

So did AJ ever get surgery? How is the Britain’s Fattest People star doing?

AJ at 29 stone with healthy plate. Shut Ins: Britain’s Fattest People S2 Ch4

Who is AJ?

AJ Johnston is a 23-year-old production management worker from Airdrie.

They have two dogs and one cat Scoot, and supports Manchester United.

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The Channel 4 star has the role of ‘Big Chief’ at work, and attended Wade Deacon High School, Widnes, when growing up.

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AJ’s weight loss journey

AJ has mostly stayed at home for the last six years, due to physical reasons, as well as the fear of being mocked and shamed for their weight.

They started having weight issues as a child, and bullying at school led to more eating. AJ can barely move and relies on mum Sharon for help.

Sharon is also coming to terms with AJ’s decision to identify as non-binary, who wants to have gender surgery in the future.

AJ struggles to walk across a room, with going up the stairs a challenge, and needs a sleep mask at night to help with breathing.

They are declined bariatric surgery until diet and lifestyle changes are made, and is given specialist psychological help during the process.

Where is AJ now?

While AJ could not work while filming for Britain’s Fattest People, they began their job working for production management in 2019.

This means that they went from being unable to leave home for 6 years to working a regular job.

They regularly take their dogs for walks, and has continued to keep their weight down. AJ began the show at 41 stone, and went down to 29 stone.

Their friends and family have praised them for their weight loss, encouraging AJ to “keep going” until they reach their goal.

We will have to wait and see if AJ got surgery in tonight’s episode!



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