Who is Amber from Naked Attraction? Fans obsess over 'hot' contestant!

Amber certainly caught Channel 4 viewers’ attention when she made her Naked Attraction debut on Tuesday December 1st.

The series gives contestants a line-up of private parts to choose from, with each person in a pod getting eliminated until the last two remain.

Amber was chosen on the Tuesday night show, before going off on a date with Jerome to see if they had a connection.

So who is Amber from Naked Attraction? Let’s meet the contestant…

Screenshot: Amber, Naked Attraction, Series 7 Episode 4, Channel 4

Who is Amber?

Amber is a 20-year-old waitress from Sheffield.

She said she absolutely loves tattoos and piercings, and has a tattoo sleeve. Amber also revealed that she doesn’t like men that are into sports.

The contestant proved to be a favourite amongst viewers…

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Amber on Naked Attraction

Although the date seemed to start off well, it all went downhill from the moment Jerome dropped a chat-up line.

It started with the words: “The best things come in small packages”. However, the rest is probably best left unsaid…

She responded:

No, no. That’s one of the things I’d literally look at and go ‘not today’.

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What happened between her and Jerome?

Amber was very honest with Jerome, saying they wouldn’t go past friends.

But to make matters even more awkward, she didn’t turn up to the sofa where the pair were supposed to discuss how their date went.

He told the camera: “I thought things were going fairly well – but she didn’t want to go for another drink.

Jerome continued:

“She said she had to go back to Sheffield. I saw on her Instagram that she had been out with other people for drinks with them instead. Her loss.”



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