Spoilers: Andrew and Holly walked into the E4 show hoping to find love, but it wasn’t your usual first date. In fact, they met at the altar, just minutes before saying their vows to a total stranger – but what happened next?

Some may be wondering whether they stood the test of time, but the risk of marrying a stranger was all too true for the then-twice-divorced Andrew Davis and his now-estranged wife Holly Greenstein.

The 2022 season of Married at First Sight Australia didn’t work out too well for the couple, who had many differences and eventually ended up quitting the experiment due to their huge fall-outs.

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Andrew and Holly, Married at First Sight Australia, Season 9. Picture: Channel 4 Press

Who are Holly and Andrew?

Holly, 36, is a cinema manager who says she is eager for a baby as she is concerned her biological clock is ticking away. She was a step mum in her previous relationship but ended it after her partner said he didn’t want any more kids.

Andrew is a 39-year-old motivational speaker originally from Texas. He moved to Australia four years ago with his second wife. The former couple is now divorced and shares a two-year-old daughter together.

The MAFS star has had two failed marriages but says he hopes the saying is true that the third time is a charm. However, his wishes didn’t quite go to plan once he met Holly on the show…

Their MAFS marriage

The wedding day left fans with hope for Andrew and Holly, but it was the honeymoon stage that followed when they were faced with some serious issues. After getting intimate, he admitted he had slept with 350 women in his lifetime!

Andrew told Holly he “didn’t enjoy” going the whole way with her and revealed he had better connections with one night stands. Later, it was clear they still weren’t getting along when they arrived separately at the dinner party.

They argued throughout the entire night, which led to Andrew saying he’s done with not just the marriage, but the whole series. Co-stars Olivia Frazer and Tamara Djordjevic questioned Holly about her behaviour.

Then at the second commitment ceremony, Andrew didn’t even turn up and was filmed packing his bags, which meant Holly had to decide by herself to leave the experiment.

Andrew has a new girlfriend

Andrew Davis revealed on Monday’s Fitzy & Wippa that he is no longer on speaking terms with Holly after filming the show late last year. It comes as he removed all his Instagram account and changed his name on Facebook.

He also said he had been dating someone else “for a while now” after rekindling a romance with a woman he met before the series. Andrew revealed on the radio show:

It’s somebody I was previously [dating] and then kind of fell off. And then yeah, it kind of got sparked back up.

Andrew, who has reportedly decided he wants nothing to do with the experiment show, has been appearing on Australia-based Red City Gym’s Instagram, where comments have questioned whether he quit his job.



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