Who is Angel Adoree? Escape to the Chateau star's age, net worth and career explored

Escaping to a grand chateau in the middle of the French countryside is pretty much a dream come true for anyone. Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau gives us a glimpse into the life of two people who have been able to do just that.

Dick and Angel Strawbridge quite literally escaped to a chateau – Château de la Motte-Husson, to be precise. Ever since they bought the chateau, the couple have documented their renovation journey. Now, they’re back on our screens with more DIY tips for viewers to enjoy. From making their own cheese to home decorating tips, Dick and Angel cover it all. The new season of Escape to the Chateau: Make Do and Mend launches to Channel 4 on Thursday, July 30th.

Angel hasn’t always been designing curtains, cushions, wallpaper and furniture, though. So, here’s everything you need to know about Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Adoree!

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree – Channel 4

Who is Angel Adoree?

Although she’s now probably most recognised for being the face of Escape to the Chateau, the public first came to know Angel when she appeared on BBC’s Dragons’ Den back in 2010.

Aside from running a home that fairytales are made of, Angel is an author and also founder of The Vintage Patisserie.

She launched her first book in 2011, The Vintage Tea Party Book, and three more followed.

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Angel clearly has a knack for all things style-related. But, she actually trained and worked as a fully qualified chartered accountant in her younger days.

Channel 4 – Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree

Angel Adoree: Age

Angel – born Angela Newman – is 42 years old. While her husband, Dick, is 60 years old.

According to Angel’s website biography, she always had a passion for vintage items.

It reads: “At an age when most girls were stocking up on Clearasil and dreaming of ponies, Angel was already out thrifting.”

Angel puts her talent in handy work to good use in season 2 episode 3 of Escape to the Chateau: DIY when she teaches the art of decoupage on a 1950s family dressing table.

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree

Angel is married to ex British Army Lieutenant Colonel Dick Strawbridge.

As well as being the recipient of an MBE for his services to the army, Dick is a TV presenter, engineer and environmentalist.

Dick and Angel married in 2015 at their home and wedding venue, Château de la Motte-Husson, which located in Martigné-sur-Mayenne.

Together have two children together named Arthur, 6, and Dorothy,5. Angel and Dick regularly host weddings and other events at the Chateau including camping and gardening days.




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