Meet Anita Rani: Britain's Best Parent presenter is a Countryfile regular!

In June 2019, Channel 4 announced that they would be creating a new investigative series called Britain’s Best Parent. Finally the wait is over, as the series is arriving on our screens on Thursday, May 28th, just shy of one year following its announcement.

The new series will investigate the world of parenting, questioning whether there is a true formula for perfect parenting.

Anita Rani will front the five-part series, looking at a different parenting style each episode and attempting to answer the big question: Is there a right way to raise children?

So with Britain’s Best Parent finally launching on Channel 4, we thought it time to get to know the show’s presenter better. Find out everything you need to know about Anita Rani here!

Anita Rani and Hannah on Britain’s Best Parent – Channel 4

Who is Anita Rani?

Anita Rani is a 42-year-old TV presenter and journalist originally from Bradford, Yorkshire.

You will have most definitely seen Anita on your screens at some point in time, as she is a regular on Countryfile and The One Show. She has also made appearances on the likes of Celebrity Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing… so, just some of the biggest TV shows out there!

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Anita is married, however she does not have children. Speaking to Channel 4 about her appearance on Britain’s Best Parent, Anita revealed that she has a niece and plenty godchildren, so is constantly surrounded by children.

Anita talks Britain’s Best Parent

Before Britain’s Best Parents aired, Anita sat down with Channel 4 to speak about her time on the show.

Anita said one of the things that interested her was that it is such a divisive topic. She said:

It’s a subject matter we all have an opinion on, and I think people will really enjoy watching other people’s parenting styles. We’ve got some brilliant characters on there as well so it should make for a good national debate.

Anita also mentioned that she doesn’t believe there is a perfect parenting philosophy. When asked, she said: “No, I don’t think so. How can it? Everyone is just trying to figure it out and I think there are some brilliant, brilliant parents out there. Love is probably key, a lot of love.”

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Follow Anita on social media

Anita’s popularity as a TV presenter is on the rise, as is her social media following from taking a look over Instagram and Twitter.

You can follow Anita on Instagram @itsanitarani where she currently has over 58,000 followers.

We also found her on Twitter under the same username. Anita has over 92,000 Twitter followers.




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