Made in Chelsea season 17 came to a close on June 17th as Jamie Laing and Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo finally consummated their on/off relationship with a big fat public smooth.

However, Jamie and Habbs’s relationship looked volatile throughout the series – to say the least – with audiences tip-toeing into each episode unsure if the SW3 star’s were friends or lovers.

So, what going on between them now? Are Habbs and Jamie still together? Or have they reverted back to friendship?

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the new Made in Chelsea season 18, with. Jamie also in preparation for Strictly Come Dancing 2019.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

What happened at the end of Made in Chelsea season 17?

The ending to season 17 was one of the most intense and dramatic finales in MIC history.

In the middle of episode 14, it looked as if Jamie and Habbs had decided not to continue their attempts to date as a disastrous first date led to nothing more than awkwardness and a lack of chemistry.

Habbs walked out on the dinner confessing that she simply couldn’t go through with their attempts to spark romance given the hatred she was receiving from close friends.

The most nail-biting scene came as Sophie Hermann attacked Habbs for her actions, calling her a snake for dating Jamie behind Heloise Agostinelli’s (Jamie’s ex) back.

Sh*t really hit the fan…

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 Sophie Hermann

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 Sophie Hermann

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 Sophie Hermann

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 Sophie Hermann

But, just as all hope was lost, Jamie saved the day with an inspiring comeback speech.

The entire cast were meeting up for an end of season party, where Jamie pulled Habbs to the side and told her that he wanted to be with her and would protect her over any backlash.

Jamie told Habbs:

I think we’re so sweet and we have a great connection… and it’s really annoying that other people get in the way. Look, if you were ever going to consider anything between us, then I swear to you that I will make sure that no-one gives us any sh*t…  I just think that I would really regret it if I didn’t walk the plank.

And with that, the pair laughed nervously before launching into a hug and kiss.

With all of the season 17 couples on the dancefloor, MIC 2019 ended with Habbs and Jamie kissing and dancing as if they were the latest power couple on the show.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Are Habbs and Jamie still together?


Habbs and Jamie are still dating, going on dates and hanging out as much as possible.

Jamie and Habbs were also spotted at Glastonbury festival together, enjoying a spot of glamping with the Made in Chelsea gang, which included Olivia Bentley and Digby, Verity Bowditch, Alex Mytton and more.

Of course, in true MIC style, Habbs explored Glasto by helicopter…

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Glastonbury you were fun

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Jamie Laing joins Strictly Come Dancing 2019

As if Jamie and Habbs’s relationship hasn’t been hard enough, they know have to endure the circus that is the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing – a show which has become synonymous with splitting up couples.

Nevertheless, Habbs told Digital Spy that she was still very happy with Jamie, and the fact that her boyfriend was joining the dance show meant very little.

Jamie also spoke of the ‘Strictly curse’ during his podcast. He said:

“The Strictly curse is where you dance with your dance partner, get really close to them… I think that’s what happened to Seann Walsh. So many people have got with their Strictly dancers. I will still be seeing Habboo, I’m not going to start kissing my dancer!

“I’ve been thinking about this – imagine if she was front row.”



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