Are Troy and Carly from Married At First Sight still together? Instagram baby pic revealed

Are Troy and Carly from Married At First Sight still together? Instagram baby pic revealed

Married At First Sight Australia puts two strangers to the relationship test as they say their vows to each other during their first meeting.

The series sees relationship experts match singletons for their wedding day, while they are guided as they move in together and are tested during their relationship. Troy and Carly were one couple who hit it off at the reunion, despite not being matched together by the experts, and came out of the show in what appeared as a strong pair.

Now that the show is being aired on Channel 4, many fans are curious to find out where the couples are now. So are Troy and Carly still together? We looked through their social media accounts to get the latest!

Screenshot: Married At First Sight Australia S5 E5 – 4oD

Troy and Carly on Married At First Sight Australia

Troy Delmege was first matched with Ashley Irvin before they ended their marriage on the show, while Carly Bowyer had been paired with Justin Fischer, however they broke up before any formal decisions were made.

During the reunion – six weeks after the experiment – which was aired in the UK on Monday September 21st, it was announced that Troy and Carly had been dating for several months. They were seen waking up in bed together and Carly shared her fondness for him. She said:

There was always something I liked about Troy during the experiment. As time went on and we were at the dinner parties, we always sort of did gravitate towards each other.

After the experiment, Troy reached out to Carly and they went on a casual date. The pair then continued to date.

Are Troy and Carly still together?

  • They are not together

Troy and Carly dated for nine months before calling it quits in 2018. Troy announced the news on his Instagram and said: “Dear fans, it is with great sadness I want to let you know that Carly and I have decided to go our separate ways. We’ve had an incredible nine months together and it hurts to walk away.”

Some fans thought that Carly, who is now pregnant, may be expecting a baby with Troy. But that is not the case…

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Where are Troy and Carly now?

Troy is living in Sydney and regularly meets up for friendship catch-ups with his first Married At First Sight beau Ashley. He has also remained friends with Alycia Felicity, and said he is “so happy to keep some great friendships” from Married At First Sight Australia. It doesn’t look like he has any romance on the cards!

Carly is now pregnant with actor Neil Goldsmith after a year-long relationship. The couple announced the pregnancy 14 weeks ago and are now living together in Melbourne.

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