EXCLUSIVE: Sandro and Rebs have confirmed they are not dating after posting holiday pictures together. It comes as The Great British Bake Off brought us 12 eager contestants hoping to get a handshake from Paul Hollywood.

Rebs didn’t appear on episode 3 of the 2022 season due to illness. Alongside worries about where she was, there was gossip brewing following photos posted to her Instagram with fellow contestant Sandro.

The pair appeared to be on a sunny holiday together. In a series of photos, Rebs poses for a selfie, shares snaps of her vacation and, in the last pic, Sandro appears looking down at the camera.

Rebs Lightbody smiles and shows pot of food in Bake Off tent.
Picture: Channel 4

Meet Sandro and Rebs from Bake Off

Sandro, 30, was born in Angola but fled the civil war in the African country with his mum when he was two, settling in London. Passionate about fitness, Sandro is a keen boxer and has a background in ballet and break-dancing.

When Sandro was 21, his father passed away and he turned to baking as a form of therapy. He currently runs virtual baking classes for children with autism and infuses his bakes with flavours from his Angolan heritage.

Rebs is 23 years old and grew up in Northern Ireland. She is a student who turns to baking to unwind from her busy life. She loves everything to do with Irish culture – she can Irish dance and play the tin whistle!

Bake Off pair post holiday snaps

Rebs and Sandro have been posting photos on holiday together. While Sandro posted a selfie of them on a beach, co-star Rebs took to Instagram to share a series of snaps, including a topless Sandro!

Sandro shut down the rumours and told Reality Titbit: “No, we are not dating and never have. We are simply friends.” Rebs also backed up Sandro’s statement, revealing:

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandro this year and am blessed to know him as a close friend (hence the pics and time together). However, we are both very happy in our respective relationships.

Despite dating rumours, Rebs has a boyfriend, Jack, as per her Bake Off bio. She started to experiment with Middle Eastern ingredients in a nod to Jack’s Turkish heritage and is in a relationship, according to her Facebook.

As per a Social Ark bio, Sandro came out as gay and wants to raise awareness of talent in the BAME LGBT+ community.

Fans ‘stan’ Sandro and Rebs

Sandro and Rebs’ friendship has been welcomed with open arms by GBBO fans. While some believe they are dating, others are loving their bond, which is clear to see on-screen.

One fan wrote: “This account is a Sandro and Rebs stan account from now on, that is all #gbbo.” Another penned: “Wait a second… Sandro and Rebs would look so good together.”

“Gorgeous couple! Am I reading it right?” a Twitter user commented on their holiday selfie.



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