It was disclosed that The Great British Bake Off contestants have a ‘practice tent’ on the September 28th episode, but what actually is it?

Several GBBO viewers’ idea of the Channel 4 baking competition were shattered after a contestant let slip about a place where they practice.

Calling it the ‘practice tent’ suggested that perhaps each bake we see on camera is not actually the first time they have attempted each challenge.

Reality Titbit has all the details about when the ‘practice tent’ was introduced, what it actually involves and where it is based.

Viewers react to ‘practice tent’

When a contestant touched on the practice tent, viewers were completely confused about what it is and why it hasn’t been mentioned before.

It comes after baker Lizzie revealed she was watching Harry Potter instead of preparing her upcoming bakes in the ‘practice tent’.

One fan took to Twitter and said: “The mention of a ‘practice tent’ just has me picturing a place that has the same layout as the proper tent.

“But without all the charming decor and sweetness, like a dark side version of the tent, even hotter and less hospitable, that has to be kept off camera.”

Another said: “Going to all the trouble of making it into the #GBBO tent and then pissing off a practice day to rewatch Harry Potter is proper Hare and Tortoise stuff.”

“There’s a practice tent?! Why have I not heard about this before now?”, said one fan, who was just as confused as other viewers.

What is the Bake Off ‘practice tent’?

The ‘practice tent’ is a section of the Down Hall Hotel, where the contestants stay during their time on the competition.

Each baker is allowed to take time there to practice their bakes. That is why we sometimes hear the TV attempt has gone worse than when practising!

During Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice in 2020, there was some footage of the contestants using the practice tent, who are required to stay on site and need somewhere to practice.

Usually, they would do some preparation in their own homes. In a Covid-free bubble, the contestants, judges and hosts were able to film series 12.

As filming first started back in May 2021, tighter restrictions were in place during the Channel 4 show’s production.

The ‘practice tent’ was first opened during the 2020 series.

Where is the GBBO ‘practice tent’?

Some viewers may be wondering where exactly the tent is located.

Well, we know where the actual main baking tent is, so it is likely that the ‘practice tent’ is pretty close by.

The Bake Off 2021 tent is located on the grounds of the Down Hall Hotel in Essex. The address is Matching Road, Hatfield Heath, Essex, CM22 7AS.

The hotel has been in existence since 1021 and has 98 rooms “reflecting grandeur and elegance” ranging from classic rooms to grand suites.



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