Who is Bengi from First Dates Hotel? Story of losing mum has fans in tears

Who is Bengi from First Dates Hotel? Story of losing mum has fans in tears

Viewers of First Dates Hotel were left in tears, after a date-goer shared their traumatic story of their mum being murdered.

It came as part of the Channel 4 series, which takes Britons abroad in the hopes of finding them their perfect love match.

The series finale saw Bengi go on a date with Lara, which led to him opening up about the heart-breaking loss of his mother.

Keep reading to meet Bengi, learn more about his story and find out what his relationship with his mum was like.

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Who is Bengi on First Dates?

Bengi, 24, is a Chelmsford man who likes to count his blessings every day.

Revealing he says five things he is grateful for every morning, Bengi goes on to say that he is scared he might be a “bit of a plonker” on a date.

He adds that he’s never had a date before, and lists the type of lady he’s looking for: 5 ft 5, olive skin, brown hair, with a very natural face.

Bengi, who says he is a “bit of a Buddhist”, wants to be with someone who he can bounce off, and be there for.

He is currently in training to become a youth worker.

Bengi and Lara’s date

Within minutes, Bengi said he felt like Lara made put him at ease.

They made each other laugh, and Bengi revealed he was a bit naughty at school, before opening up about a “big trauma” which affected his life.

Feeling slightly hesitant to open up on the first date, Lara filled the gap and went on to tell him that she also had a trauma.

She revealed she was bullied at an independent school, where girls drew pictures of her, called her fat and ugly, and told others not to speak to her.

It got deep between them, which led to them both agreeing they only have 40 per cent of love for themselves.

Bengi opens up about his mum

Bengi told Lara that, when he was 15 years old, his mum got murdered by a man who used to pick him up from school.

He said that getting that phone call was the worst day of his life.

Bengi added:

I remember walking for miles, a black and white movie playing in your head of the good times. I miss the affection, she was so affectionate with me, and we used to just dance in the front room together.

Six months after, Bengi would call his mum’s phone every day. He said that a “piece of his soul feels like it’s missing”.

It is clear that Bengi was incredibly close to his mum, and wrote underneath a Facebook picture of them: “I have shared this picture but I can’t physically look at it.”

What happened next for Bengi and Lara?

They both admitted they fancied each other, and planned to go horse-riding together after their date. But the episode revealed they were yet to meet up.

Bengi is currently single, so things didn’t work out for them. However, the episode outlined that he still hopes he’s the front runner for Lara’s heart.

Several fans wanted Bengi and Lara to open up a therapy centre together, as they both want to help people as a result of their pain.



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