Who is Billie Jean on Celebs Go Dating? Meet the model on Instagram!

Who is Billie Jean on Celebs Go Dating? Meet the model on Instagram!

Billie Jean arrived in style during a Celebs Go Dating party, instantly catching the eye of Wayne Lineker. So who is she?

She is one of three singletons who joined the party later in the season, as celebrities and their potential future partners danced the night away.

Almost straight away, Wayne and Billie Jean got talking, and have been seen spending time together ever since.

So who is Billie Jean? Let’s get to know her on Instagram!

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Who is Billie Jean?

Billie is a 25-year-old radio presenter and model.

She revealed that she wants someone who is a free spirit, and is able to make her proper belly laugh.

The Celebs Go Dating star works as a presenter on Flex FM every Friday from 10am to 12pm.

She also models for UK-based Nevs Models and Fifth Models in Barcelona and Madrid!

Billie Jean and Wayne on Celebs Go Dating

Wayne was immediately drawn to Billie Jean, despite the fact that he had been on a date with Jodie Burling.

When Billie Jean turned up at a Celebs Go Dating party, he said he hadn’t fancied anyone in the mansion until 25 minutes ago (when she arrived).

He said that Billie Jean ticked every box, and after hitting it off, decided to go on a double date with her, as well as Jessica and Tom Zanetti.

Wayne and Billie Jean have been seen laughing together, holding hands, and he’s even made tea for her in the morning!

When it came to the masquerade ball, Wayne sent Jodie home, and decided to keep Billie Jean in the mansion.

Meet Billie Jean on Instagram

We checked to see if Billie Jean and Wayne are following each other… and yes, we can confirm they are!

Considering she is a model for a Barcelona and Madrid-based company, it appears that she regularly travels across the world.

Looking at her Instagram, Billie Jean has been to Netherlands, Barbados and Mexico, and mainly posts modelling shoots and presenting updates.

Billie Jean recently uploaded a video which includes the words: “Me on my way to see the guy I told my friends I weren’t gonna see no more”.

Could this be a hint at Wayne, we wonder?



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