Who is Billy on Teen First Dates? Post-show Instagram updates on Becky's date!

It was the first time that Becky had met Billy, and luckily for us, E4 got it all on camera. So, who is Billy on Teen First Dates?

The teenage dating world is all captured in the First Dates spin-off, which sees young adults get matched and sit down for dinner together.

Billy and Becky were amongst the teens participating on Teen First Dates, and seemed to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

So, who is Billy? What happened next for Billy and Becky? We done some exploring to find out the latest updates…

Billy D and Rebecca B. Picture: Channel 4

Who is Billy from Teen First Dates?

Billy D is an 18-year-old Argos worker from Gillingham, Kent.

With all his GCSEs under wraps, and now wearing headsets on the daily for his job, Billy is now looking for a family-oriented girlfriend.

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His parents split up when he was a baby, and revealed he has never had a father figure growing up.

Billy added that he feels like he has had three mums while growing up, including his mum, nan and auntie.

He meets 17-year-old fashion model Becca Barton, from Greenwich.

Billy and Becca on Teen First Dates

Straight away, they discover they are wearing matching shoes – with Billy declaring them a match made in heaven!

Bonding over their mums being in their 30s and their love of pie and mash, it looked like the two B’s hit it off instantly.

They opened up, with Becky revealing her parents split when she was young, and Billy feeling like people pre-judge him, before they know him.

Following their date, it wasn’t long before they exchanged numbers!

What happened next for Billy and Becca?

Beautiful Bill and Salty Becky were the nicknames they gave each other – and they even saved each other’s numbers with them! Oo-er indeed!

They both admitted they could see a potential relationship together.

Viewers were then frustrated when there was no update on Billy and Becca after filming, considering all the other date-goers provided one.

We found Becca on Instagram, and we can confirm that she is not in a relationship with Billy. In fact, her boyfriend goes by the name of G West.

Billy, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to have a girlfriend on his Instagram, and usually posts selfies of himself.



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