The most ambitious Grand Designs project ever came in the form of Grand Designs: The Street, a project five years in the making.

With the show having concluded on Thursday, May 9th, the success of many of the housing projects – apart from those which broke up relationships – have inspired people to self-build!

Here’s everything you need to know about where Grand Designs: The Street takes place and how you can join the self-build project at Graven Hill!

Grand Designs: My Grand Designs: – Episode 2

Where is the street?

The street is in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

Taking inspiration from a self-built town in Almere, The Netherlands, these Brits want to attempt to build their own little paradise from the ground up.

The Oxfordshire countryside is certainly a beautiful place to kick off this project.

Houses built on Grand Designs: The Street

With budgets ranging from £160k to £500k, Grand Designs: The Street shows just what you can do with some excellent planning and determination.

Take a look at some of the amazing properties built on the Channel 4 show.

It can be the inspiration for your own self-build!

Grand Designs: The street – Episode 2
Grand Designs: The street – Episode 2
Interior from Grand Designs: The street – Episode 1

How to join the self-build project

The team at Graven Hill are keen for people to join their community of self-builders.

Graven Hill offers a variety of options: self-build plots (just like on Grand Designs: The Street), custom build new homes, and Graven Hill apartments.

More information on the types of property can be found on their website, here.

Check out their promo vid below to see if it inspires you!

How expensive is it?

For self-builders, Graven Hill allows you to purchase the plot of land and then work with their planners to design your dream property.

This results in a final ‘Golden Brick’ price which reflects the foundational design and characteristics of the chosen plot of land.

So, for example, a traditional 3-bedroom house with a ground floor of 39.4 m2 costs £31,367.64.

But a 4-bedroom house with a 90 m2 ground floor costs £64,908.70.

The brilliance of self-building means that you can have the house you want, your way!


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