Buy It Now for Christmas' chicken pan - get the Coqopan here!

Buy It Now for Christmas is the show to keep you on your festive toes when it comes to Christmas shopping. Each episode, inventors and entrepreneurs bring their items to be judged by a panel of shoppers and retailers. It’s like a festive Dragons’ Den!

And there is quite the selection of items, some more out there than others!

Episode 1 (Thursday, November 28th) introduced the shoppers and viewers watching at home to the Coqopan.

The chicken pan helps you make a juicy roast chicken with half the amount of effort and so sounds like the ideal item for the festive season.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your hands on the chicken pan this Christmas!

Screenshot: Buy It Now for Christmas 2019 E1 – 4oD

Buy It Now for Christmas’ chicken pan

The chicken pan featured in episode 1 was created by 58 year old Roger. Although Roger’s first love is music – he has been a professional pianist and West End performer since he left music college – he explains that cooking comes as a close second.

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One of Roger’s favourite things to cook over the years has been roast chicken. Frustrated with how it is difficult to get a perfectly juicy and evenly moist roast chicken, Roger decided to take the cooking process into his own hands.

And so the Coqopan chicken roasting pan was born!

But it came at quite the price, as Roger had invested £18,000 of his own money into developing and producing the chicken pan. Appearing in front of the retailers on Buy It Now for Christmas was Roger’s last ditch attempt to get the product off the ground.

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What is the Coqopan?

Roger’s roast chicken pan is a registered design and UK patented. It cooks from the inside – thanks to a steam funnel – and the outside.

On the show, Roger explained that it reduces moisture loss by 25% and reduces cooking time by 50%. What’s not to like?!

Although the appearance of the Coqopan had the audience and presenter Rylan Clark-Neal in bits, Roger wasn’t afraid to poke fun at his design. Roger said: “Nothing looks like it and nothing cooks like it!”

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Screenshot: Buy It Now for Christmas 2019 E1 – 4oD

Where can you buy Roger’s Coqopan?

As all three retailers put in orders for Roger’s Coqopan, you can find them on all three sites.

Amazon Launchpad put in the biggest offer for 2000 units.

You can buy Roger’s Coqopan on Amazon now for the set price of £19.99. Some of the Buy It Now for Christmas shoppers thought that was too steep in its pricing, in fact, 31 people lost interest because of the price.

But, for an item that makes Christmas cooking this swift and delicious, we think the price is just right!




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